May 20, 2020

Tactics for growing your audience on Instagram

Having a strong presence on social media is becoming a basic need for businesses as more and more buyers prefer to online reviews of products or services before making a purchasing decision. The kind of influence that you wield on social media reflects the number of followers, and you must know the best ways to get more Instagram followers to gain mileage in marketing.

Instagram is undoubtedly the home to some of the most engaged audiences who are very active on the platform, and you can take your brand in front of 500 million Instagram users. To increase engagement, you must not only increase the number of followers but also interact with them at a personal level to create meaningful engagement that leads to positive business outcomes.

How to create a large follower base of real fans and not fake accounts will become clear ongoing through this article. Here are some tactics to get Instagram followers.

Use the right hashtags

Engaging with the current audience regularly is your top goal besides growing the number of followers. While posting photos satisfies the first need, to expand the follower base, it is essential to make it easy for people to find the images quickly for which you must use hashtags with photos. Hashtags connect photos to specific search terms that people use so that they can easily find the relevant pictures.

Using popular Instagram hashtags will not help much because although it generates engagement, it cannot assure long term engagement nor get new followers and more sales. Using the right and most relevant hashtags can only provide the desired returns of expanding the follower base and create long term engagement. You can use hashtags in Instagram stories for gaining more exposure.

Use the right filters

To get the most from Instagram, you must be aware of the behavioral trends of the audience on the platform. Instagram users respond to some photo filters more favorably than others by using which you can enhance the engagement with your audience. Choose from the list of filters among which Hefe, Mayfair, and Ludwig have shown to generate the highest interaction. While this might be a general trend, you must identify what your audience likes most and choose the filters accordingly.

Target your competitor’s followers

The easiest way to get in touch with new followers is to target the followers of your nearest competitor on Instagram and start engaging with them. Since your competitor has similar products and services, the audience has already shown interest in it, and you can take them off from there to engage with them for your needs.

To begin with, you can either as a photo or comment on a picture of the user you intend to engage with or even start following that user to express your intention of engagement. When done persistently, the user will begin interacting with you.

Spend on paid product reviews and sponsored posts

To aggressively pursue your goal of multiplying followers rapidly, you must take advantage of the influencers who abound the Instagram platform for exposing your brand to the widest section of the audience. The tactic of growing your account by taking recourse to influencer marketing is not free, and you must spend some money on it. But when done correctly, this can give good returns.

To make a start, you must first create a list of large accounts in your area of operation or niche. To find the big accounts, you must use Webstagram, and on searching for your keywords, it will show the top Instagram accounts that contain the keywords and even the related keywords.

You can connect with the accounts that have a following between 20k and 200k by using the email address that you would find in the profile. Email addresses in the profile indicate the willingness to a shout out in a sponsored story or sponsored posts.

You can obtain the rate from them about sponsored post pricing, which usually ranges between $20 and $50 per post. You can also approach them to review your product and post if you have any original product.

Use geotags for higher local visibility

To make your Instagram stories and posts more discoverable, besides using hashtags, you can use geotags by tagging your location. It can either be the place of shooting the photo or video or your current location.

Locations have their own Story, as well as Instagram, feeds, and by using the location sticker in your stories, you can gain mileage from it just in the way you would do with hashtags. Location tags are great for local businesses as they derive the most value from it by engaging with the posts and regularly posting to the feeds while engaging with customers who are physically present close by.

Pitch for more followers

Although not regularly but at least sometimes you can ask your audience to become your followers just in the way YouTube asks its viewers to subscribe to the channel after viewing. You can also promise more content to viewers to lure them towards you so that they follow you regularly.

People can enjoy your Instagram posts and stories, but to make them follow you, it might require some persuasion or nudging. You can also remind viewers that by subscribing to your account, they could get more comments related to a post. You can use the captions or posts to convey the message of what your audience is likely to get if they start following you.

Having done everything talked about so far, there is yet another very important point to address. Since creating engagement is your goal, ensure that the posts and photos receive due attention immediately on posting.

Knowing the best time to post on Instagram is very important because it has a high impact on engagement. With the help of analytics, you can figure out which are the best times for posting media, and when the community remains most interactive on the platform.

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