February 9, 2016

Tagmmer- Best Online Personal Library with A Blend of Dropbox and Pinterest

Learners are becoming more numerous across the globe. The people who learn and do their work via the web often encounter a problem that their contents are being scattered everywhere. Indeed, some of the files are stored in cloud services that do not support web links, while their web links are saved in their favorites or other bookmarking settings that do not support files. All this is not very comfortable or handy way to organize all your necessary files. In such a case, how actually do you store your files? Usually, most of the people store their files on any of their devices like computer, laptop, USB keys, DropBox or Google Drive. Sometimes, you come across interesting videos and inspiring quotes on any of the website.

However, it is almost arduous to memorize all those quotes; instead, you can save those web links or bookmark the URLs of that particular web pages. But, how many such pages could you bookmark? You have a chance of bookmarking your favorites, but what about your Email, Twitter, and other Pinterest accounts? Will your accounts get started everywhere in the same way? Probably, the answer is No.

Tagmmer - A visual Place for your files and web links

The files that you wish to save are mostly scattered across the Web. So, what if you could save all your important files and other web links in one single place? Have you ever wished you could have such a place in actual occurrence? Yes, it is called “Tagmmer”.

What is Tagmmer?

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Tagmmer is a personal library in which you can organize all your files, web links and other stuff like PDFs, PowerPoint, Ebooks, Word, Excel, Music, Photos and many more. No matter whether it is related to education, business or other professional content, you can only store all of them in Tagmmer. If you have any passion or some other interests in any of the categories like a motivational speech, technology, life buzz, etc. then, you can organize all your web links, fascinating videos, pictures, documents, articles in a highly visual manner.

Tagmmer - Personal Online Library

Tagmmer is not just a personal library rather it is something more than a library. It is a destination that connects your friends, colleagues, students, and teachers from anywhere. Tagmmer is the best place where you can share your desired content, find people and discovering anything else.

What’s so special in Tagmmer?

Usually, most of the people store their professional, educational or some other confidential files on cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive. It is pretty much comfortable to save files in Dropbox, but it is not good in a visual manner. You cannot view your files and unable to access them with much ease. Moreover, the Google Drive don’t allow storing weblinks. You might have a point that you could store all your web links in your favorites or in bookmarking services like Pinterest. However, they are visual but they don’t let you store your files.

In such a situation, it could be really frustrating that you’re unable to centralize your files and important web links in just one place, particularly when you wish to manage content on specific topics like tutorials, technology advancements and many more. That is the basis where Tagmmer comes into play.

Highlights of Tagmmer

  • Single Place for Storing your files and Weblinks.
  • Free Storage – 30GB.
  • Organize your Files and Web Links into Boards.
  • Discover New content searching by Keywords, follow people and via 36 various categories.
  • Discover new content.
  • 4 Visual ways to display your content.

Tagmmer – Best Organizer for Whom?

Tagmmer is the best solution for the professionals and individuals globally who are in the need of managing their files and their web links in a visual place. So, Tagmmer lets you organize, share and even to promote any web link and any file in one single place and it supports visual access as well. This amazing organizer is a destination for your educational, professional, intellectual and other inspirational content. You can also use this personal library for all your passions or interests.

Most of the users and journalists describe Tagmmer as a blend of Dropbox or Google Drive and Pinterest/Instagram.

Tagmmer is also the best haven for networking with other people if you wish to share your knowledge, discover and learn innovative things and unique ideas.

Features of Tagmmer

Here are the fantastic features of Tagmmer that handles all your scattered content in a neat way so that you can categorize everything and access them with much ease.

1. Open or Private Content

You can create public or private Boards. Open Boards actually take the benefit of the SEO-friendly tool.

Create a Board - Tagmmer

The first and foremost section which is displayed upon signing up as a new user is My Boards wherein you can create a new Board.

2. Subscription to Boards


If you find any interesting board, you can easily subscribe to it. If you keep your board as open, then other users can also follow your open Boards. Tagmmer is the best place for networking.

3. Single Reader

You can watch any content in one single reader regardless of the content like it might be a web article, a video, PDF, PPT, an image, an eBook, and any other stuff. You can enjoy a unique experience using this organizer.

4. Content Sharing

Tagmmer provides you an excellent option of sharing your content on the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google+.

Content Sharing

On these social media platforms, you can share your open content and there is an additional option where you can also share your private content just by using a secured URL or web link with the specific person whom you wish to share.

5. Social Media Platform

Tagmmer is not just a free cloud service rather it’s much more than this. It is a social, personal and professional library that lets you manage various actions.

Social Media

The social actions include the comment, tag, share, like and even download.

6. Read it Later

There is an amazing feature (section) on Tagmmer called Read it Later which is a place that is completely dedicated to content you store in your Boards and the content that you wish to save apart for reading them later (like articles).

Get Registered with Tagmmer

You can register as a new user on Tagmmer without any hassle and the most vital thing is that it is absolutely FREE of cost. Check out the simple steps to get registered as a new user on Tagmmer.

  • Initially, head over the official website of Tagmmer.
  • On the homepage, you can find an option “Join Free” to sign up as a new user.
  • You need to enter your credentials like Name, Email, Password, and Gender. Once you enter all your details, just hit on the Sign Up button. You can either sign up using Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Google+.
  • You will get another pop-up window wherein it asks you for the type of free account you wish to start.

Tagmmar create new Account

  • It displays four options that include Personal, Student, Professional. And Teacher. You can pick any of the options, upload your picture (optional) and hit Start button.
  • You can add Tagmmer as your browser extension so that you can easily access all your stored files and web links.

Add Extension of Tagmmer on your Browser

  • You can now login with your credentials and head over your Tagmmer dashboard account wherein you can find various sections like My Boards, My Contents, Followed Boards, Followed Contents, and Likes.

Tagmmer Dashboard

  • Now, you are accompanied to creating your first “Board”. You can also add links or files. Tagmmer offers 30 GB of free storage that allows you to store large files.
  • You can then share any of your interesting videos, images, articles on social networks Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+. You also have the possibility of making your content private.
  • For each section on the dashboard, there are 4 different visual ways to display you content such as
    • Dynamic (best-suited for articles)
    • Picture (Well-suited for images, eBooks, videos, PowerPoint)
    • Thumbnails (For Videos, eBooks, PowerPoint, Word, Excel and PDF)
    • List (Articles. Music Files, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and PDF)

Bottom Line

Tagmmer is the best web platform and a great solution for various categories of people like professionals, students and other individuals for organizing your files and other web links at a single place in a visual manner. You need not worry anymore to handle all your large files and content because Tagmmer is here for you to make you stress-free. More than a place to organize any content, Tagmmer is also the best place for networking with other people in order to share your knowledge, discover and learn new things. Tagmmer as a visual personal library in the cloud for everything your read, watch, listen, learn or even teach! What are you waiting for?

Get started with Tagmmer!

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