December 5, 2022

THC-O Popularity in 2022 

As a result of the 2018 Farm Bill, which revolutionized cannabis, THC-O has gained so much popularity that it can be considered the newest innovation in the oeuvre of cannabinoids. Since then, THC-O’s popularity has never decreased, and it is consumed worldwide in various forms. Here are all you need to know about this cannabinoid, its features, benefits, side effects, and the most popular THC-O products. Let’s start!

What is THC-O?

If you want to know the most popular THC-O products to buy, you must know what this cannabinoid exactly is! The most simple definition would be that it is a synthetic cannabinoid manufactured artificially in the laboratory by extracting and synthesizing delta-9 THC from hemp plants. The process includes the treatment of delta-9 with some chemicals, which bind it with acetate and develop THC-O.

Although it is a new invention and research in this subject has been very limited, it is found that THC-O comes with better bioavailability than all other forms of THC. To simplify this statement, we can say that THC-O is much easier for our bodies to take.

Researchers have found it to be much more robust and potent than delta-9 THC. This justifies the names “psychedelic cannabinoid” or “the spiritual cannabinoid” given to THC-O for retaining some hallucinatory effects. Its powerful immersive effects can be felt strongly by most people due to its unique chemical structure. It is perfect for those who need an effective dosage for relaxation and relief from intense pain.

What Are the Most Popular THC-O Products?

Although there has been a gray area concerning delta-8 THC legally, which is slowly clearing up, THC-O has effectively taken its place in the cannabinoid market. A wide variety of products are available in the market, and their intake and effects vary quite a bit. The product is available in vape cartridges, tinctures, and gummies. All of them affect the body differently. For example, tinctures and gummies might take longer to affect the body than vapes do.

THC-O Gummies and Other Edibles

One of the most popular available THC-O is in the form of gummies. This is because they come in various flavors and are extremely tasty. They are also vegan-friendly, so it is easy to fit them into almost any diet. The effect of such gummies can be experienced after a considerable time from their intake. Numerous other edible products, such as oils, tinctures, and pills, are readily available in the market.

These products’ main effects on the body are the reduction in pain and weight loss for people with cancer. The product is also known for treating muscle spasms, the tendency of vomiting and nausea, and helping improve the quality of sleep of patients down with cancer. THC-O is also known to have better effects on anxiety and fight depression.

Talking about the safety of consuming such products, it can be said that they are safe to consume if the extraction methods and the dosage of consumption are secured. Overdosing THC-O is strictly forbidden as it might lead to several health hazards.

THC-O Vape Carts

Vape carts are also another way of consumption. These carts are tiny containers with a heating element and a mouthpiece. The inside contains a capable liquid containing THC-O or other cannabinoids. The carts need to be paired with the standard 510-threaded vape battery that will power the heating element, which heats the material without causing it to burn. Vape carts produce inhalable smoke that allows one to experience its compounds.

The product is known for offering relaxing effects and is effective for patients who have cancer, anxiety, and depression. It has some hallucinatory effects as it is derived from cannabinoids.

THC-O Tinctures

Tinctures are cannabis concentrates. It is typically made by taking the dried flowers of the female hemp plant and soaking them in ethanol. THC products easily dissolve into the alcohol, making the preparation easy.

THC-O Tinctures offer a similar effect to the intake of THC-O gummies and vape carts. However, the intake method might impose a difference on how much time it takes to make a person high. Vapes are found to be affecting the body faster than any gummies, edibles, or even tinctures.

Bottom Line

Keep in mind that it may be risky to experiment with the intake of THC-O. Therefore, it is recommended for beginners to stick to less potent cannabis compounds, some of which can be delta-8 THC or CBD. Moreover, it is always safe to consult a doctor to know the ideal dosage according to your body type, mainly if you use THC-O to alleviate a medical condition. As it is quite a new invention, the researchers have not found all the risk factors yet. Therefore, heavy doses should be avoided to ensure the utmost safety of consumption.

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