August 23, 2021

The Best Alternatives to iTunes for Your Music Needs

If you’re an Apple user, you’re most likely familiar with its exclusive music library known as iTunes. However, not everyone is too fond of using this program for various reasons. Some people don’t like using iTunes because file transfers can take a while, which has led them to look for an alternative software they could use in lieu of iTunes.

However, there’s quite a lot of that available, which can be quite confusing. That’s why in this article, you’ll find a list of some of the best iTunes alternatives out there so you don’t have to scour the internet on your own.

What Is iTunes?

As you probably already know, iTunes is a very useful program developed by Apple for Apple users. It’s essentially many things at onceβ€”it’s a media library, an internet radio broadcaster, a client app, a media player, a device management utility, and more.

iTunes has a bunch of innovative features, such as autosyncing, smart playlists, home sharing, audiobooks, and many others. Everything you need related to media and music can be found here.

The Best Alternatives You Can Use

Despite its many features and benefits, however, there are still those people who don’t like using iTunes. If you’re one of those people, here are some iTunes alternatives you might want to check out.


When you start using Fidelia, you’ll immediately notice that it very much stands out than other media managers. For one thing, this program has an accurate wavelength conception, which means that you can use it commercially if you want to. If you work in a music studio or you enjoy tinkering with music, then Fidelia is definitely worth checking out, especially since it utilizes Izaptope technology.

dr.fone – Transfer

If you want a simple iTunes alternative, then dr.fone – Transfer is the way to go. Just like the regular iTunes, you can also use it on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod for your media management needs. In the past, iTunes was the only platform where we can add or transfer apps, music, videos, and the like to iOS devices, but this is no longer the case now that dr.fone – Transfer exists. With this program, you can import, export, and manage your favorite songs and playlists.


MediaMonkey is perhaps the closest alternative to iTunes in terms of appearance, and many experts recommend it for its ease of use and simple functionality. If you’re the kind of music fan who likes it when songs have complete information, MediaMonkey can help you fill in the missing data.

Photo by Alexander Sinn on Unsplash


CopyTrans is yet another great media manager if you’re looking for an alternative to iTunes. You can use it to import and export various files, including photos, music, contacts, videos, and more from and to your iOS device. Unfortunately, CopyTrans is only available for Windows users, and we’re still waiting for the developers to release a MacOS version.


Another popular alternative that deserves a spot on this list is SynciOS, a free media manager with fantastic features and functions that will surely make your life easier when importing and exporting music, videos, photos, and more. In case you have incompatible songs and videos, SynciOS will automatically convert these files to formats iOS-supported formats. However, just like CopyTrans, SynciOS is only available on Windows for now.


If you don’t enjoy using Apple’s iTunes, then you should definitely check out the 5 alternatives we’ve listed in this article. They all have wonderful features that make them worthy media managers.

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