August 4, 2021

The Best Android Games That Are Only 1 MB

Video games have been made accessible to more people than ever before. Gamers who don’t own a console or a computer can also enjoy and participate in the video game community thanks to mobile games. However, there’s a downside to mobile gaming and that is storage space. You see, a mobile device only has a limited amount of storage, and more often than not, video games have a tendency to take up so much of your phone’s memory due to their massive file size.

If you’re running out of storage yet you also want to play video games, not all hope is lost just yet. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of Android games you can play with a file size of only 1 MB. With these games, you can still have fun playing on your phone without putting a lot of strain on your phone’s storage.


The first on our list—in no particular order—is TANKS. If you’re the type of gamer who likes weapons and war, then this is the 1 MB game for you. TANKS is the kind of game where you have to pass different missions and face enemy tanks. It’s a 3D shooter game that will have you practicing your leadership skills. Are you ready to lead your troops to victory?

The Ludo

Ludo is definitely a fan-favorite mobile game that deserves a spot on your phone or tablet. Ludo is the type of game that’s perfect for when you’re just trying to sit back and relax. It’s completely free to download plus you don’t need an internet connection to enjoy it. If you have some friends over, you can even customize the settings and make it a multi-player game.

Photo by Jessica Lewis from Pexels

Bubble Shoot

Bubble Shoot is one for the books! It follows the classic bubble shooting format that many retro games had, and it will only take up 1 MB of storage space on your phone. You’re probably familiar with this type of game at this point: you basically need to match three or more bubbles with the same color so that they’ll disappear. You have to keep doing this until you completely clear out the entire screen. If you want something more classic yet has the same gaming style as, say, Candy Crush, or Pokemon Go mod then Bubble Shoot is definitely the game for you.

Atomic Bomber

1 MB may not seem like much, but with Atomic Bomber, you get an adventure-packed game that will hone your strategic and analytic skills. Atomic Bomber takes you all the way back to the 1970s, where you have to drive out a party that’s trying to invade Europe. You get to make use of missiles, nuclear bombs, and many more weapons just to drive out the other party.

SOS Game

Remember when you were a kid and you’d play SOS with your friends or siblings during the weekends? Well, you can relive your childhood once more with this 1 MB game. You have the option to either play with AI or with a friend, and the level of difficulty increases as you keep playing. What’s so cool about this mobile game is that the developers used a random engine to ensure that the AI player doesn’t repeat its moves when playing against you. It’s definitely still as fun as you remember it to be.

City Block

City Block is another game that you can play offline, which means you’re free from ads and other interruptions. It’s a block-based 3D game where you have the option to become an ambulance driver, a firefighter, a policeman, and more. Your goal is simple: you’re on a mission to help the town. It may sound too easy, but it’s a thrilling and enjoyable game nonetheless.

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Stickman And Gun 3

As the title implies, Stickman and Gun 3 revolves around a stickman and, well, a gun. It’s an exciting and creative game that involves shooting zombies and collecting money from the zombie’s corpses, which you can later use to buy cooler and deadlier weapons. Other than that, you can also unlock new stickman warriors and customize them however you want.

The Archers 3: Bird Slaughter

The last 1 MB game on our list is The Archers 3: Bird Slaughter. Well, the name says it all. This game is set in a world that’s being invaded by lethal birds. As a skilled archer, it’s your duty to hunt and shoot them down to save your planet. As you go farther and farther into the different levels, you can also upgrade your bow and arrows.


It’s time to say goodbye to low storage problems! With these games, you won’t need much memory; even when you’re running out, 1 MB isn’t big enough to put a dent in your storage space. Plus, these games are incredibly fun to play, whether you’re on your own or you’re playing with friends.

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