December 11, 2017

Meet iPhone Xc : An Affordable Alternative to iPhone X

iPhone X is undoubtedly the remarkable flagship model from Apple till now. But due to its exorbitant price many consumers have withheld their urge to buy this smartphone. It is definitely not a price that any common man could afford. If you are hoping for a more budget-friendly version of iPhone X then here’s an interesting news for you all, iDrop recently shared a concept about polycarbonate iPhone with X features.

iphone-xc iphone-xc

Putting aside the recent predictions of iPhone X like designs with LCD display by KGI Security analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, Martin Hajek, a well-known designer created a more economical iPhone Xc based on the budget-friendly smartphone iPhone 5c that went on sale in 2013 in various colors.

The iPhone Xc could use an LCD display by retaining the bezel-less design instead of an OLED display to reduce the costs. Also instead of using the all-glass design iPhone Xc could adopt a colorful polycarbonate case from its direct predecessor iPhone 5c to bring down the overall retail price of the device. This would increase the durability of the phone when compared to the current fragile iPhone X which is awarded as the most breakable iPhone ever. However, even without a glass back iPhone Xc could support wireless charging because plastic and glass work equally well for wireless charging. A cheaper iPhone device with wireless charging could be an additional selling point.

iphone-xc iphone-xc

Further, if the iPhone Xc could include all the features such as TrueDepth Camera, Face ID, Animoji, an A11 Bionic or A12 chipset, and an edge-to-edge, bezel-free design with no Home button which are becoming a standard for all the modern flagship smartphones combining the cheaper construction then it could increase the Apple’s market share across the globe especially in India and China where there’s an emerging popularity for Android devices.

Coming to the price of iPhone Xc, iDrop News estimates that it could be around $449 or $549 depending on the display technology and other factors. However please note that the iPhone Xc is just a concept product and the images shared are not of a real model.

What’s your opinion on the concept model iPhone Xc? Share your views in the comments below!


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