April 19, 2022

The Fastest Way to Level Up in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a game that gained popularity quickly. Many people play it. But the number of those desiring to play is not small. So they deserve a better explanation.

Everything in this game revolves around gaining more riches and strength. But you can’t get there overnight. When you first start a game, it appears confusing and sophisticated.

Fortunately, we are here to help you understand. We know you want a quick boost. Our suggestions will speed up the procedure. Remember, we don’t have a magic stick. Time investment is required.

The Fastest Way to Level Up in Destiny 2

We will share tips and tricks to help you level up your Destiny 2 account faster. Also, you can take the d2 boost service to improve your playing performance by getting an extremely rare exotic weapon and extra advantage over your opponents. Let’s get started!

Get to Level 900!

Leveling may be perplexing to beginner players. You need two “levels” to boot – power and character levels. On each of these two levels, you improve. Character levels gain experience while power-levels gain gear status. However, the new upgrades removed the character levels.

Your attention should now be on increasing power. Power level is the sum of all your gear. It also measures your total strength, both defensively and offensively. Each action you take increases your power. Of course, each activity earns points.

Regardless, each account now starts at level 750. The initial goal is to reach the game’s soft cap of 900. During the game, your hero will gain new gear. Rarity is indicated by color. Usually, blue/rare drops occur during the stretch. Rare drops will provide you with power-up gear. That is until you reach the soft cap. This is the quickest approach to level 900. Regardless, there are two ways to level up.

Dismiss Old Equipment

First, get rid of the old. In some games, players can sell their old gear. But not in this case. The goal is to eliminate all blue or greed drops with power levels close to your most potent goods.

Alternative Characters

Second, you should make some different characters. In this game, players can choose from three different characters. Hunter, Titan, and Warlock At least two of the three characters must be used.

It is easier to improve your power level when you share equipment; their power levels will be closer together due to this. You are not required to complete five per week. You can do ten with two or three heroes.

Get to 950!

After 950, things get a lot slower. As previously said, gathering gear will help you progress. Nothing will change. Certain approaches and actions will only increase your present power.

So focus on activities that eliminate “powerful engrams.” Completing these tasks rewards you with power-up gear.

It is good to know that you will get 3 different rewards. Tier 1 adds +3 to base power, +4m to tier 2, and +5 to tier 3. Finally, “Pinnacle” engrams only drop from high-level actions. You will receive 6 points if you successfully complete these tasks.

All of the incentives described above can be earned by achieving weekly goals. Look for golden marks in your directory. They will show you how to gain powerful stuff. Consider their weekly chores. Log in to your account weekly and complete as many tasks as possible. Still, there are a few things you should concentrate on.

Complete Strikes

You may be thinking, who are strikers? This is a grouping of longer missions. These missions have their own playlist. The playlist won’t be the same every week. It will have a unique burn activity. If you accomplish 3 strikes, you will receive a Tier 1 award. But there is one thing you must know. You need a character subclass that matches that burn.

Enter the Crucible

Crucible is PVP in the game. That’s probably the first question new gamers ask. You can obtain a Tier 1 award by completing matches in various Crucibles.

First, there are “Core Match” playlists. These are the basic game modes available at all times. In 4 matches, you must choose from these playlists. You’ll obtain the Tier 1 award this way.

Also, there are Rotator playlists. These playlists are PVP modes. Every week they rotate out. There are 4 matches between these playlists. Only then will you obtain a Tier 1 award.

Get Weapons

So, we offered some tips and tricks to help you level up your Destiny 2 account faster. But there is one thing we must include. You can buy weapons or hire a boost. So, you can go to Boosthive and see what deals they have. It is a very useful website.


Boosting increases the player’s chance of winning by increasing the luck of the draw. In other cases, boosting can improve a player’s performance by giving them an extra advantage over their opponents. Whether or not boosting is good for a particular player depends on the game and their individual playing style. Overall, though, boosting can make games more enjoyable for all players involved.

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