December 13, 2022

The Latest Technologies Used In Video Games

Video games have taken the spotlight as one of the latest yet entertaining activities to participate in. It has come a long way since its famous introduction in the 1980s to provide some of the most real activities ever. Besides the fact that video games are entertaining, they have continued to capture the minds of online bettors into making video game bets for real money. If we were to look at the terrific features these entertainment categories have brought to our real world, we would praise some of the latest technologies used to design these games. 

Without bluffing, here are seven of the latest technologies used in video games today;

  • Wearable Gaming Technology
  • Gesture Control Technology
  • Voice Recognition Technology
  • Virtual Reality Technology
  • Facial Recognition Technology
  • High-quality Graphics
  • Cloud Gaming technology

Wearable Gaming Technology

In addition to the advancement of mobile gaming, portability is highly considered when designing games today. To bring portability nearer to video gamers, wearable gaming technologies have strategically been a focus. And now, we can see various companies making wearable gaming technology accessible to players. 

These wearable gadgets are not only designed to facilitate entertainment on the part of the body alone. It has taken its services to people’s favorite consoles. Nowadays, it is a trend to use these wearable gadgets for consoles and other gaming devices. Technology is praised again for its effect. 

Gesture Control Technology

If you have played the game Warrior Wave, you should be familiar with the recent gaming technology known as gesture control. Waves from your hand movements in this game allow you to control a group of Ancient Greek soldiers. This gadget is also a common feature in some of the famous first-person shooter games.

Intel RealSense Technology is a popular aspect of the gesture-controlling system in many video games today. It is responsible for the control patterns that connect the natural movements of the gamer’s body to games. The gadgetry works with a 3D camera that scans 22 separate angles of your hands to give you a wonderful gaming experience all from your body gestures. 

Voice Recognition Technology

The long-awaited “voice recognition” response to video gaming has finally come into existence. After waiting for a while, we can now see voice recognition tech, allowing users to command and perform various gaming functions. The exclusive implementation of this gadgetry has structured games to study and recognize gamers’ voices. 

Nowadays, you do not need to leave your couch to turn your console on or off. A single voice command will activate the console. More interestingly, this voice recognition system explores more options, including controlling gameplay with your voice, chatting during games, or even searching the web. 

Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual reality is a prominent aspect of the gaming world that has not gained that much recognition in console systems. Yet, the advances in VR headset displays have stormed the world to offer a more classic gaming experience like never before. With this advancement, you get to play games that bring you directly to reality without leaving your house. 

Facial Recognition Technology

There is no other joy like when you get to create a custom avatar with your resemblance for a video game simulation. The recent gaming world uses facial recognition systems that design and allows you to create or transfer your own likeness to games. Not to mention, you get to make modifications to your body and face to make your gaming character look just like you. 

In addition to that, a sophisticated 3D camera technology, RealSense, is employed in some of these games to scan gamers’ emotions. This technology scans multiple angles of your face and uses it to match your emotions. By observing several emotions you give off, the game automatically adjusts its difficulty to a more suitable mode. 

High-quality Graphics

Gone are those days the video gaming industry only knew about basic 8-bit graphics. Our gaming has now evolved into high-quality HD displays from cutting-edge technologies. With this gadgetry, you are introduced to a near-life experience from high image quality with realistic and clear gaming textures. 

The high-def display system is another latest technological advancement the gaming world has introduced today. Thanks to this technology, we can experience pure thrills from mind-indulging colors and beautiful designs in our games. 

Cloud Gaming Technology

Hardware used to be a focus for game developers when implementing a suitable storage unit for gamers. In this decade, the use of hardware by these developers seems to be going extinct. The advancement of Icloud gaming technology is a reason for the drastic hardware disappearance in today’s games. 

Games no longer have to work with the memory capability of the hardware disc or console. Cloud gadgetry has made it possible for higher server storage capacity that directly streams digital content through the internet. Thanks to the help of this technology, very few gamers complain about the storage limits on their devices.


All thanks to the help of the latest technological improvements, video games have evolved into an immersive entertainment experience. Whether you want gesture-controlling entertainment, virtual reality, voice-controlled gaming, or even a wearable gaming gadget, the latest technology can deliver this experience to your doorstep.  

About the author 

Kyrie Mattos

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