June 9, 2022

The Process of Adding Tokens in MetaMask NFTs

MetaMask is a wallet that is also becoming popular because of the craze of NFTs buying and selling because millions of people are showing interest in NFTs. Many celebrities are creating their collectibles or images and selling them to millions of people, and you know their fans are always eager to buy their collectibles. Not even celebrities but ordinary people who do not know about the NFTs are also selling their unique artwork, music or video files, etc., for Ethereum’s worth thousands of dollars. MetaMask is the only wallet that accepts Ethereum and other tokens based on Ethereum blockchains that we will learn to add under the assets tab of the MetaMask wallet.

What is MetaMask Wallet?

MetaMask is a free tool that connects people with decentralized platforms/applications to browse the secure form of the internet using the Ethereum blockchain system. Ethereum is also a decentralized blockchain based on smart contracts, making it efficient, fast, and confident in dealing with cryptocurrency. You can use the MetaMask wallet to do any decentralized transactions on the decentralized applications or do something else like hiring freelancers, getting things, buying and selling goods and services through a decentralized system to take full advantage of security. Recently, MetMask is the currency used to purchase the NFTs or list the digital assets on the NFT marketplaces. To know, visit https://nftsdaily.io/nft-marketplace/.

The process of adding tokens to the MetaMask Wallet

Ethereum is one of the popular tokens that is by default added under the assets tab of the MetaMask wallet, but some people use the other tokens that work on Ethereum blockchain smart contracts. So there is the following process of adding the other tokens like ERC-20/72 in the MetaMask wallet under assets, and you can add the amount in these tokens by sending the tokens from your crypto exchange wallet to the MetaMask’s token wallet given below:-

  1. The first step is to set up an account on the MetaMask wallet to avail of this wallet’s features. It is effortless to create an account on this wallet by only filling in the basic details and setting up a strong password that you can keep in a secret place. Now download and install it on your chrome extension to easily do the transactions using MetaMask wallet.
  2. Now click on the icon of the MetaMask wallet and go to the applications; if you are using a mobile device, download the MetaMask wallet from the play store, set up an account, or log in and open the applications.
  3. The next step is to click on the Add token under the asset tab, and here you can add multiple tokens, but Ethereum is skippable because it will automatically appear under the assets tab. So skip the process and add the other tokens you want to use.
  4. Search for the tokens you want to add, such as OXT, KCS, UNI, DAI, etc. There are many tokens that you can select according to the requirement. After choosing the token, click on the next button to process, and your receipt will start appearing under the assets tab that you can fill with the actual amount by sending it from the crypto exchange to the MetaMask wallet.
  5. The above four points are the first process of adding the tokens into the Metamask wallet, but the other way is to custom add, which is not preferable. But if you want to add a specific token that you are not getting, you can go with it.
  6. Click on the Add token, and by default, it will be on the search tab. Now, click on the Custom token tab to add tickets custom. If it looks complex, you can go to a website (etherscan) to check the token contract address of the token you want to add, and the next step is to copy the address and paste it into the box; all the other things remain the same. If you are doing all the processes on a mobile device, all the functions will be the same, but you will have trouble copying and pasting the things from the application.

So adding the tokens into the Metamask wallet is very straightforward, and everyone can do it without getting into trouble.

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