March 3, 2021

The war between console and PC gaming

The popularity of gaming continues to grow. Video gaming is now the biggest source of revenue within the entertainment industry. While many people might associate video games more closely with consoles, in actual fact games were first developed on computers. When game consoles entered the fray, the rivalries between different platforms became ever-more intense.

The Dawn of Arcade Games

Computer games date way back to the early 1960s. The first piece to be recognized as a ‘computer game’ was the MIT coded Spacewar! Landing in 1962, the interstellar combat game was housed in the bulky PDP-1 computer cabinet that cost $120,000 to produce.

Spacewar! Definitely pointed to the future. Still 12 years before the formation of Atari consoles, the arcade-like feel of Spacewar! With two players pitting their wits against each other showed what was possible.

Games on PCs

Games on personal computers really started to take off in the late 1970s. As prices for computers started to come down, families and homes began to realize the potential of having a unit for educational and entertainment use.

Games scored big of course. Early computing systems from Commodore, Apple, Tandy, and more vied with PCs for a cut of the action.

During the 1980s and 1990s, PC games were often associated with more intricate tactical games. These games would often rely on more information and statistics than their console rivals.

PC vs Gaming Consoles

This perception of the different types of games and who their audience was, was fundamental to the great PC vs Console divide. Consoles had more emphasis on an arcade-like experience, with souped-up graphics and sound cards adding to the action.

Shoot-em-ups, first-person shooters, sports simulations, and action-adventure games were seen as the hallmark of a console’s catalog. While cross-platform releases have been part of the picture for many years, management and simulation games were more of the PC’s repertoire.

However, as consoles became ever-more advanced, and PC’s departed from being solely seen as work machines, the game-play picture has blurred even further.

Online Casinos Bring New Life to Gaming

The rise of online activity has also contributed to a huge change across formats and specifications. One clear sign of this is that is now possible to engage in state-of-the-art casino games wherever you are. Whether in the comfort of home or on the move, a reimagination of casino gaming online can be experienced.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about an online casino is the sheer range of choice, including blackjack, poker, and slots.

Online Casinos vs The Past

The new developments of online casino gaming not only help to reenergize classic games but also project new ideas into the arena. Games designed with a crucial learning aspect to them can help players become better at their favorite games. They can then go on to realize their ambitions at whichever game they choose.

This part of the picture, with players gaining more control over how they interact with casinos and games, has had a huge effect on the industry. With players able to dip in and out of games as they choose, the flexibility of online gaming is key.

In the past, physical casinos held all of the relevant pieces and kept their cards pretty close to their chest. That view is changing dramatically, with not only the technology advancing but also the rules and regulations pertaining to gambling.

As county and state jurisdiction gradually relaxes, online casinos and gaming look set to remain a strong force in the entertainment landscape.

The Future?

The games industry in its entirety shows no signs of slowing down. With the market tipped to exceed $200 Billion by 2023, developers will be constantly looking for new ways to explore the technology. Online activity offering convenience, security, and greater adaptability will continue to influence activity across PCs and consoles.

Various types of gaming, including online casino play, greatly benefit from the new imprint of online entertainment. The freedom to play wherever and however wants is all part of this powerful gameplay pull.

The old battles of PC and console gaming look to be largely part of the past. While it is no doubt still possible to find PC fans loudly defending their chosen computer to the barbed attacks of console lovers, the picture has certainly blurred.

Online technology has brought new possibilities for all formats, including smartphones and tablets. It is an industry that looks set to only become stronger as new ideas and games are created.

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