September 12, 2017

This Engineer Brings Back The iPhone 7 Headphone Jack We Always Wished For

Many ardent fans of iPhone were disappointed with Apple last year when it revealed that it has removed the headphone jack in its new product iPhone 7. The company replaced the headphone jack with the Bluetooth/lightning-only feature. The users were left with no other choice than using the apples Airpods. Still, many users did not adapt to the new Airpods and are wishing if Apple would bring back the headphone jack.

Disappointed by the company’s design an American based engineer and hacker Scotty Allen has decided to bring back the headphone jack in his iPhone 7. After examining the phone, he found out that there is a space for installing a 3.5mm headphone jack at the lower left hand of the phone. So, after tons of iterations, debugging and 17 long weeks of hard work he finally managed to design a custom headphone jack circuit board and install it in his iPhone7.

YouTube video

This research was done in China, where he bought all the spare parts for his custom design. His design is open source so, anyone could make improvements in the design. Earlier this year, he made an iPhone 6s from the parts he bought in the market. So, this isn’t the first time that Allen has experimented on a phone.

Warning: Do not try to drill a hole or experiment with your iPhone. You need expertise in this particular domain.

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