July 26, 2021

Tips and Tricks for Apex Legends Mobile Players. How to Play Apex Legends Mobile on PC?


Apex Legends Mobile is an action game recently released by Electronic Arts developers. The game has multiple features and characters. The players in this game can make a squad by adding heroes, and they can select any hero from all 14 heroes. It is a strategic battle Royale game with innovative combats. In each season, the players can get unique gameplay and map. The crafting option is also introduced in the game, and players can easily craft gear by this method. It is available in both Google Play Store and Apple Store. You can also download Apex Legends Mobile on PC with the help of Android emulators.

Tips and Tricks

The Apex Legends Mobile is a top-action legendary game and popular in the world. The game is full of interesting features, and players like it more. The game has several aspects, and all the players do not know some complicated sides. These players may know some game basics, but it is not easy for players to become game champions only by knowing its basic features. We know that all the champions use one or more tricks. So for common players, it seems unachievable, but actually, it is very easy if the players know some tips or tricks. Here in this article, we have good news for Apex Legends Mobile players because, in this article, we will share some very best and easy tips that will lead the common players toward Championship. So read this article carefully.

Choose your favorite superhero.

We know that in Apex Legends Mobile, there are 14 playable superheroes or legends. All the superheroes have the same abilities, and also they perform the same function. Their tactical, passive, and ultimate skills are also the same. The gear of legends are the same and move with the same speed. But it depends on your choice of which legend you like more. So select your favorite superhero and play with this legend till the match ending. You can select three Legends from all legends.

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Use your abilities at the right time and stick together

We know that all the legends have some abilities, but it depends on the players where they use the abilities of Legends. All the champion player their abilities and skills in different situations perfectly. You need to stick your team together and use your abilities at the right time. It will give you a better chance to get higher ranks in this game.

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Pick Weapons and items carefully

We know that the players have to fight against the enemies in this game, and for this purpose, the players need some weapons and items. In Apex Legends Mobile, the players can pick eight slots. The players can pick different types of items and weapons like grenades, ammunition, and health shields. In the map of this game, some players can also find another backpack, and in these backpacks, they can pick extra six slots. So the players must find them to pick extra weapons. First, you should pick all the drop loot, and after they should pick the weapons and items carefully. You need to pick all the weapons properly and avoid picking the same type of weapons. Always pick useful weapons.

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Know about season Map

In every new season, the game developer changes the map of the game. Every season comes with a special map and a new location added to the previous map. The location of loot and the useful item may be changed in some season maps. It depends on the rank of player that he got which map. Therefore players must get a vast knowledge about the season map, and if the players do not learn the map of the season, they cannot pick some useful item, and it is a great loss for these players. So the players should learn about every location of the map and can easily explore the map. In this way, they can get maximum loot and progress in the game in the right way.

Need to craft for Missing Gear

In its season 6, the Apex Legends Mobile introduced crafting for gear. It is the best alternative to looting, and the players can get gear by crafting. In the game, there is a location for the Crafting known as Replicator crafting station. In this location, the players can pick extra outfits and ammo for their guns. Crafting is better than looting the scrap because, in the crafting method, the players can make new and best weapons or gear. Your teammates may fall in the Replicator, and therefore you must know the Replicator location to rescue your fallen teammates. In this way, you can craft your missing gears.

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Grab Yellow Gear

In Apex Legends Mobile, there is legendary yellow gear, and these are identical to rare versions. The Five Pieces of yellow gear are Backpack, Armor, Helmet, Digital Threat Scope, and Knockout Shield. These are very rare and useful gear for you, and we recommend all the players to grab these gear if you find them in any area of the map.

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How to download Apex Legends Mobile on PC?

In the world, many gamers dislike smartphone gaming and PC gaming. Some know the method to play games on PC and enjoy PC gaming, but some players want to know how they can do so. They can easily enjoy PC gaming by just installing an Android emulator. You can use any Android emulator, but the lightest Android emulator is LDPlayer.

What is LDPlayer?

It is an Android and is used for PC gaming. LDPlayer has clear graphics with the best settings. It has a faster gaming system and also has the best users setting. It is safer than other emulators and free from viruses. LDPlayer has a Kernal version, and it also supports all versions of Android.

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How to download LDPlayer?

1. Go to the website of LDPlayer.

2. Tap on Emulator and then tap the download button.

3. Install it after downloading.

4. Open LDPlayer on your PC and enjoy all Android games on your PC.

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