March 12, 2020

Top 5 phones for 2020

This year is the year for the release of high-tech smartphones but, there are plenty of phones loved already, and these are the top 5 phones for 2020 so far!

It’s not too surprising to see the Apple and Samsung are stealing the top 5 spots as they have pulled out some serious stops with their phones. The release of the new iPhone 11 has dropped other iPhone prices considerably. This is when people looking for cheap deals with great value pounce on high spec phones.

Apple iPhone 11

Since it’s release in September 2019, the Apple iPhone 11 has boomed. It’s been a real success with iOS lovers and even attracted a few new fans. One of the biggest factors as to why this phone has done so brilliantly is the price. Apple is known for high priced releases, and more often than not, most people wait for the price to drop before buying them. This was completely different. The iPhone 11 was released at a fairly affordable price, just a bit more expensive than the XR.

Another huge factor would be the camera. We haven’t really seen any huge improvements from Apple bar the iPhone Xs camera. We’ve seen quite a big improvement with the iPhone 11 camera, following the Xs quite closely. The Selfie camera was pushed from a 7MP lens to a 12MP lens to match the rear camera.

Apple iPhone XR

The whole point of the Apple iPhone XR was to give customers an entry-level phone so that they can experience iOS and Apple handsets. Even though it was released in 2018, people are still absolutely loving the Xr. It gives customers a whole different experience with their iPhone. We’re very used to seeing a smooth finish with the standard silver, space grey, gold, or rose gold colors. The iPhone XR creates a whole new ambiance with a range of colors, giving your phone a personality, but keeping the sleek finish with a glass back.

Something that really catapulted the iPhone Xr into the top 5 phones for 2020 is its own powerhouse. Everything that keeps the Xr working gives a powerful punch, and people seem to be loving it! Apple built the phone with, at the time, their new A12 Bionic processor. This keeps the phone running super quickly with next to no buffering and some great download and upload speeds. It’s also available in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB, so people have a range of memory sizes, colors, and prices!

Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung released the Galaxy S10 in early 2019 and has watched its fan base grow ever since. Everyone loves just how nice the Samsung Galaxy S10 looks, and that’s going to be one of the biggest parts that play into this phone being one of the top 5 phones for 2020. Any bezel edging previously seen in the S series was completely removed. Samsung erased any sign of this creating a full infinity screen with a tiny cut out camera tucked into the top corner. To further add to their amazing design, the front screen is slightly curved. This is a top-quality handset, and people know it.

One of the biggest things people look for nowadays on a mobile phone is just how good the camera really is. More and more, customers expected high-quality photos to be produced from mobile cameras, and the S10 is a serious contender for the top spot. A triple camera on the back of the phone, built with a 12MP wide-angle lens, 12MP telephoto lens, and a 16MP ultra-wide-angle lens, you’re sure to get some seriously sharp, crisp photos out of the S10.

Apple iPhone Xs

There’s no surprise that spot 4 from the top 5 phones for 2020 is the iPhone Xs. This phone has been a huge hit since it’s release thanks to the smooth design and dual camera set up on the back of the phone. People fell in love with just how sleek the Xs is, and it’s an exciting color choice. The phone comes in gold, silver, and space grey with scratch-resistant glass for added shine.

The rear camera consists of dual 12MP lenses and gives out some of the best images seen from an iPhone. These lenses play together, giving the user some amazing features such as Smart HDR, an upgraded Bokeh effect, and Depth Control. The front TrueDepth camera means you’ll have full use of portrait mode and gives access to FaceID.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

The 5th spot for the top 5 phones for 2020 is the Galaxy S10 Plus, released in early 2019. This smartphone was packed full of features that everyone loved, pushing it into the top 5. These consist of features such as it’s under-display fingerprint scanner, the ability to hide the selfie camera, and wireless charging using other devices. Samsung made it as easy as touching your screen in order to unlock the phone. This means there are no ugly sensors disturbing the beauty of the S10 Plus and is super easy for one-handed use.

A huge feature that people love about the S10 Plus is that if you’re running a little low on charge, you can put your phone on top of another S10 Plus. This also works on any other phone that is compatible with wireless charging. Your phone will be able to give your friends a quick power boost, making you everyone’s number 1.

If the infinity screen just isn’t good enough for you with a punch-hole camera, you are able to hit it away using the super fun, creative custom wallpapers. These use the punch hole camera as an eye of your favorite characters, leaving your display looking so cool.

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