February 12, 2020

Top Amazon Sellers Tools (Ultimate Guide for 2020)

Amazon is a diverse marketplace where a wide variety of sellers can excel and expand their business activities. In order to facilitate sellers, various tools for different categories of functionality are available.
Today, we will look at some of the best available Amazon tools in 2020 and classify them in their respective category.

Category#1 Amazon Keyword Research

Tool#1 Merchants Words

Merchant Words is a great tool for searching such keywords that will meet your listing criteria. Their eco-system is backed by over 6 years of Amazon data research which led to the collection of over 1.5 billion keywords for nearly 500 million products.

URL: merchantwords.com
Price: $30, $80, $150 monthly 

Tool#2 AMZ Tracker

AMZ tracker can be handy when trying to come up with a potential list of keywords. Simply enter a seed keyword and it will suggest some related keywords that would be suitable. This becomes highly useful when entering new markets.

URL: amztracker.com
Price: $50, $100, $200, $400 monthly

Tool#3 Scope

Scope, from Seller labs, adds a different dimension to the process of keyword research. It helps you identify the keywords that are the driving factor for the ranking and subsequent sales of a particular product.

URL: scope.sellerlabs.com
Price: $390, $690 yearly

Tool#4 Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool can be helpful in terms of brainstorming for new keyword ideas. Once a word is entered in its search bar, the Keyword Tool will suggest possible keywords using Amazon Auto-Suggestion (provides almost 400 keyword suggestions for free!).

URL: keywordtool.io
Price: $48, $68, $88 monthly

Tool#5 Keyword Tool Dominator

Product categorization, and formulating their respective keywords, for niche items can be tricky. With Keyword Tool Dominator, you get 3 free searches every day which also provides autocomplete suggestions on how to phrase your keywords for a specific product.

URL: keywordtooldominator.com
Price: $25 one-time charge

Tool#6 Helium 10 (Magnet & Cerebro Tools)

Helium 10 is a diverse software suite that can fulfill a number of roles for helping Amazon sellers. In the domain of keyword research, its Magnet tool retrieves the search suggestions from the Amazon search while its Cerebro tool and Frankenstein tool help in researching competitor’s successful keywords and filtering out any redundant keywords.

URL: helium10.com
Price: $0, $97, $197, $397 monthly

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Tool#7 Keyword inspector

Keyword Inspector possesses many features that make it a well-rounded tool for keyword research. Its Keyword Trends tool helps you assess the search trends for different keywords. Similar functionality is also served by its “Today’s Top New Keywords” list.

URL: keywordinspector.com
Price: $20,$40, $100 on credit

Category#2 Amazon Product Sourcing

Tool#8 Sellics

Sellics, like Helium 10, is another versatile software suite that can excel in different roles. In terms of product sourcing, it gives you an extended list of top sellers of every category. It also facilitates graphical analysis of the sales generated from a particular keyword by a particular competitor.

URL: sellics.com
Price: $57 monthly

Tool#9 Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout provides summarized details for products present on a particular search result page. The details include the number of sellers, estimated monthly sales and number of reviews. All of them can help you make better decisions about the product in question.

URL: junglescout.com
Price: $97 one-time charge

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Tool#10 AmaSuite

AmaSuite helps you to explore the details about products in a particular category. Its feature of the Opportunity Score helps you create a customized benchmark defined by parameters such as selling price, number of reviews, etc. This gives you a quick snapshot and allows to make quicker decisions on the basis of your preference.

URL: amasuite.com
Price: $97 one-time charge

Tool#11 Ali Inspector

Ali Inspector is a specialized software that focuses on the research of products available on Ali Express. It gives you a detailed breakdown of the bestselling products on the website which includes factors such as the shipment charges, prices, the quantity of product, etc.

URL: aliinspector.com
Price: $67 one-time charge

Tool#12 Google Trends

Powered by the technological might of Google, Google Trends is a great way to assess a particular product’s trajectory in terms of its popularity trends. Its representation of the information in the form of maps makes it easier to decide the geographical location of the target market.

URL: trends.google.com
Price: Free

Tool#13 Helium 10 (Black Box Tool)

Helium 10’s Black Box tool can be highly effective in identifying the products that are selling well in the market with a dissatisfied customer base. With specific parameters, it is possible to identify gaps in the market where a product is in demand but the current offerings do not meet the customer’s criteria. This information can prove to be highly lucrative.

URL: helium10.com
Price: $0, $97, $197, $397 monthly

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Tool#14 Import Dojo

Import Dojo allows you to select the manufacturing center for your particular product. It has collected data about different factories in China so that their users can get the best possible sourcing options and they can make an informed decision without conducting the research themselves.

URL: importdojo.com
Price: $169 per product

Tool# Sellerboard

Tool # Profit Analytics Service with additional tools.

sellerboard is an accurate profit analytics service with additional tools: follow-up mail campaigns, inventory management, reimbursements for lost & damaged stock and other FBA errors, PPC optimizer, listing change alerts. sellerboard comes up with a compelling mix of different features in order to ensure that you have a clear picture of what profit your sales are making and deliver positive results.

sellerboard tracks all expenses, including FBA storage fees, refund processing costs, PPC costs, promotions, and fixed costs like prep center fees, to provide a complete financial overview.

A mobile application is available for iOS and Android.

URL: http://sellerboard.com/

Pricing: $15, $23, $31, $63 monthly.

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Category#3 Amazon Listing Translation

Tool#15 Eaze Commerce

When compiling your listings for selling your product on Amazon’s international markets, it is important to consider the intricacies of translating them correctly for the target region. Eaze Commerce offers great optimization by translating the listings manually via a team of Amazon listing optimization experts.

URL: www.eazecommerce.com
Price: $60 to $310 depending on product

Tool#16 YLT Translations

YLT translations perform a seamless translation of your Amazon listings to the local language of your target market. They ensure that the keywords are not lost in translation and their flat rate, irrespective of the length of content, makes them a cost-effective resource.

URL: ylt-translations.com
Price: $100 per listing

Tool#17 Phifer Group

The Phifer Group services are focused on the German and Japanese speaking markets. Their experts are native speakers of the aforementioned languages and have a deep understanding of Amazon. This leads to a faithful translation of your listings and yields great results.

URL: phifergroup.com/
Price: $75 per listing

Category#4 Amazon Feedback Software

Tool#18 Feedback Whizz

Feedback Whizz goes beyond the standard feedback collection via emails at different stages of the order. It allows conducting additional research on customers who left positive feedback. As a result, the product’s strengths are identified and can be refined further.

URL: feedbackwhiz.com
Price: $15, $30, $30, $60, $100, $200 monthly

Tool#19 Feedback genius

Feedback Genius is an effective tool for managing feedback from your sales. Status can be assigned to different feedbacks in terms of the action taken so far or what action needs to be taken still. All of these actions can be organized through its to-do list so that you do not lose track of them.

URL: feedbackgenius.com
Price: $0, $20, $40, $80, $250 monthly

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Tool#20 Zon Master

Zon Master, on the surface, appears to be your standard feedback collection tool. However, it does offer some nuanced features that make it stand out. It allows skipping those customers in the mailing list that have submitted their reviews. It is also unique in terms of the markets it operates in like India.

URL: zonmaster.com
Price: $7, $10, $20, $30 monthly

Tool#21 Helium 10 (Follow Up Tool).

In terms of devising feedback emails, Helium 10 has a special trick up its sleeve. It allows you to create graphical flow diagrams of your email. This makes the process of formulating emails much quicker as you can immediately see the preview of what the final email would look like.

URL: helium10.com
Price: $0, $97, $197, $397 monthly

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Category#5 Amazon Listing Optimization

Tool#22 Splitly

Splitly can mix things up in your listings by carrying out A/B testing, trying different combinations of images, descriptions, etc. in order to come up with the best conversion numbers. As a result, better conversion leads to more sales and revenues.

URL: splitly.com
Price: $47, $97, $197, $497 monthly

Tool#23 Eaze Commerce

Eaze Commerce comes up with a compelling mix of different parameters in order to ensure that your listings deliver positive results. It aims to achieve laser focus by filtering out unnecessarily long descriptions and irrelevant keywords.

URL: www.eazecommerce.com
Price: $60 to $310 depending on product

Tool#24 Sellics

Sellics’s main strength when it comes to optimizing your listings is its ability to compare with competitors. It will give a comparison of your description with your top 3 competitors so that you may analyze the information.

URL: sellics.com
Price: $57 monthly

Tool#25 Helium 10 (Scribbles Tool)

Helium 10 comes with a browser extension that gives an in-depth look at your current listings. Aspects like description length, number of bullets, etc. are highlighted so that you may compare this data with that of your competitors.

URL: helium10.com
Price: $0, $97, $197, $397 monthly

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Category#6 Freight Forwarder

Tool#26 Shippo

Shippo serves as a central hub for your business’s shipping-related activities. Features such as managing your shipments from different channels and printing discounted labels make it ideal for global business operations.

URL: goshippo.com/
Price: Varies per label

Tool#27 Flexport

Flexport represents a new dynamic breed of freight forwarders. Instead of providing shipping updates through email, they have integrated their system to a mobile app that provides greater transparency for the user.

URL: flexport.com
Price: Varies per shipment

Category#7 Amazon Product Inspection

Tool#28 QIMA

QIMA has so far received positive feedback in terms of their services. They have a good track record of monitoring quality levels of your goods and an additional plus point is that they have no hidden charges.

URL: qima.com
Price: $309 for one complete day.

Tool#29 Effition Inspection

Effition Inspection is a professional operation that ensures the quality of your products and forwards the information to their clientele in the form of detailed reports. Their widespread network of offices in China makes them highly efficient.

URL: chinaqualitycheck.com
Price: $110 for one complete day.

 Tool#30 FBA Inspection

FBA inspection serves as the second line of defense after your goods have been shipped from China to the US. They conduct thorough checks to ensure that the goods were not damaged during transit.

URL: fbainspection.com
Price: $50 (minimum purchase).

Category#8 PPC Optimization

Tool#31 Ignite

Ignite is another great offering by Seller labs. It ensures that you get the most out of your PPC campaign by providing valuable auto-suggestions which can significantly improve the outcomes.

URL: sellerlabs.com/ignite
Price: $59, $129, $249, $499, $899 monthly

Tool#32 Profit Whales

Profit Whales is a company that excels in PPC through the automation of sponsored ads. They believe in producing results. That is why they have a stringent client vetting process to ensure that they are able to meet their goals.

URL: profitwhales.com
Price: $300 and 2.5% of the ad revenue.

Tool#33 Asteroid X

Asteroid X is the ideal option for those who are yet to develop trust in AI for handling their PPC campaign. This is because they rely on human experts who exercise their judgment in dealing with the PPC campaign.

URL: asteroidx.ca

Price: $699 monthly.

Tool#34 Sellics

Sellics thrives in PPC campaign management by directly displaying the keywords of your automated campaign without the need of downloading them from Amazon. This eliminates the hassle and makes monitoring the campaign easier.

URL: sellics.com
Price: $57 monthly

Category#9 Amazon Product Rankings Tracking

Tool# 35 Sellics

Sellics has great competency in managing your product rankings as well. It keeps track of the changes made to the listings and maps them on a graph so that their impact becomes observable.

URL: sellics.com
Price: $57 monthly

Tool#36 AMZ Shark

AMZ Shark provides flexibility in terms of how you would like to track the product’s ranking. You can do so through ASIN and observe daily performance. You can also track up to 300 products for a particular keyword on Amazon.

URL: amzshark.com
Price: $299 monthly

Tool#37 AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker is one of the better tools for tracking your product’s rankings. It monitors the search volume of the keyword being used for tracking. It can also send out regular email alerts to let you know about any recent changes in the ranking of the product.

URL: amztracker.com
Price: $50, $100, $200, $400 monthly

Tool#38 Cash Cow Pro

Cash Cow Pro is a no-frills tool for tracking the product’s ranking. You enter the keyword and it starts tracking the product. It gives you the standard insight that you would expect from any reliable tool.  This simplicity eliminates complications and keeps things streamlined.

URL: cashcowpro.com
Price: $100 monthly

Category#10 Amazon Accounting

Tool#39 Sellics

The Profit Dashboard of Sellics gives a great overview of your financial transactions. The data can be observed for a particular time period which makes a comparison of revenue and profits easier. Additionally, the fact that it updates automatically after every 5 minutes means that it is unlikely that you will miss out on anything important.

URL: sellics.com
Price: $57 monthly

Tool#40 Fetcher

If you can look past the glitches, Fetcher provides an abundance of data that revolves around profitability.  Sales, profit margins, costs, etc. are just some of the pieces of information you can expect from Fetcher. Furthermore, it breaks cost down so that any areas of concern can be identified.

URL: fetcher.com
Price: $19, $39, $99 monthly

Tool#41 Seller Legend

Seller Legend is a nice tool to have for managing your accounting needs. It gives great emphasis on visualization through graphs and statistics. This gives you an idea of important trends like profit at a glance. It also tracks any changes in sales and sends out alerts accordingly.

URL: sellerlegend.com
Price: $50, $60, $70, $100 monthly

Tool#42 Hello Profit

An extensive software that gives you a complete breakdown of all the accounting details linked to your Amazon account. From profits to costs, all the details are well presented and visualization like graphs are used as well. The great thing is that all of the data is extracted and presented accurately.

URL: helloprofit.com
Price: $97 monthly

Tool#43 Shopkeeper

Shopkeeper is great for getting an accounting overview of your business activities. It makes good use of widgets and audio notifications which are useful for providing timely information. Furthermore, it shows your sales targets as well so that you may monitor your progress.

URL: shopkeeper.com
Price: $20, $45, $90, $250 monthly

Category#11 Amazon Inventory Management

Tool#44 Sellics

The inventory dashboard of Sellics does a good job of keeping track of the stock. All you need to provide is the turnaround time of manufacturing and then sending the stock to Amazon. It will then automatically notify you once a new order needs to be placed for a particular product.

URL: sellics.com
Price: $57 monthly

Tool#45 Shopkeeper

The inventory management of Shopkeeper is quite good. It not only shows the available stock but it also indicates for how long it will last and when a new order would be needed. Furthermore, it provides great insight by highlighting the inventory value and the current stock levels which proves to be helpful in decision making.

URL: shopkeeper.com
Price: $20, $45, $90, $250 monthly

Tool#46 Forecast RX

Forecast Rx, as the name suggests, focuses on forecasting the future needs of inventory. It is backed by an effective algorithm that makes fairly accurate predictions about the amount of inventory needed and what particular SKUs would be in higher demand.

URL: forecastrx.com
Price: $100, $200, $300, $400

Category#12 Amazon Suspension Prevention / Account Reinstatement

Tool#47 Seller Care

Seller Care has a great track record of getting Amazon accounts restored. This is backed by countless testimonials. They have an effective method of making appeals to Amazon which normally leads to positive results.

URL: sellercare.com
Price: Varies depending on service.

Tool#48 Bindwise

Bindwise is a lifesaver when it comes to protecting your account from suspension. They will identify potential areas of concern, like not responding to customers in a 24-hour window, so that you can avoid getting in trouble with Amazon. They also review suppressed listings which will help in improving your business performance.

URL: bindwise.com
Price: $0, $19, $19, $29, $49 monthly

Tool#49 Seller Appeal

Seller Appeal has helped many sellers to get their account restored after different infringements. Their strength lies in the fact that they do not take the legal approach which can be a drawn-out process. Instead, they make a case for sellers within Amazon’s policies through well-written appeals.

URL: sellerappeal.com
Price:  Depends on the service.

Category#13 Amazon Hijacker Watch

Tool#50 Shop Keeper

Hijacker watch is another area where Shopkeeper delivers the desired results. It closely tracks the entry of any new sellers on your respective listings. As soon as a new entrant appears, it notifies you immediately to avoid any losses down the line.

URL: shopkeeper.com
Price: $20, $45, $90, $250 monthly

Tool#51 AMZ Alert

AMZ Alert protects your Amazon business like watchful guardian dogs. It immediately notifies any hijackings of your listing through multiple channels like emails and SMS. Furthermore, it also follows activities like changes in ratings, suppression of your product, etc. that may subsequently lead to hijacking.

URL: amzalert.com
Price: $80, $150, $200 monthly

Tool#52 Helium 10 (Hijacker Alert Tool)

Helium 10 is a solid option when it comes to hijack monitoring. It immediately lets you know if your listings get hijacked by sending out a ping. To protect your description from being changed by anyone else but you, it keeps track of all the changes that may be done to the images and the description itself.

URL: helium10.com
Price: $0, $97, $197, $397 monthly

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Tool#53 Listing Eagle

Listing Eagle does the usual things well in terms of protecting your listings from hijacking and suppression. It has an audio notification system that notifies you in case of any incidents. Additionally, it has a template for emailing the seller who hijacked your listing.

URL: listingeagle.com
Price: $10, $20, $50 monthly

Category#14 Amazon Amazon Reimbursement Software

Tool#54 Rocket Refunds

Rocket Refunds are the ideal resource for those who want to pursue their refund cases themselves. It consists of videos and documents that teach you how to get your refunds from Amazon. The process may be time-consuming but it is a good skill to have in times where sales are down and you cannot afford to outsource the process.

URL: rocketrefunds.com
Price: $127, $197, $247 one-time charge

Tool#55 FBA Audit

FBA audit is a great tool to get your refunds processed effectively. They handle a host of refund scenarios such as damaged or lost shipments.  They work well with Amazon because they manually initiate the refund request and then let the automation take over. This lowers the chances of your account getting flagged.

URL: www.fbaaudit.com/
Price: 25% of the recovery.

Tool#56 Amalyzer

Amalyzer is a great service for getting your refunds and reimbursements maximized. They review the process thoroughly to catch any possible discrepancies that may lead to a possible refund. Moreover, their manual handling and vast experience of dealing with Amazon agents make your account safe from any kind of counteraction.

URL: amalyzerpro.com
Price: 25% of the recovery.

Tool#57 Helium 10 (Refund Genie Tool)

The Refund Genie tool of Helium 10 handles the possible refund situations. The tool generates a text document which can be submitted to Amazon to report the discrepancy and request for reimbursement.

URL: helium10.com
Price: $0, $97, $197, $397 monthly

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Category#15 Amazon Tax Reporting

Tool#58 Tax Jar

Tax Jar is a great tool for relieving oneself from the hassle of filing your taxes. It automatically retrieves your Amazon data and files tax returns in every state where your operations are present. This ensures that all the relevant tax laws are followed properly.

URL: taxjar.com
Price: $19, $49, $99, $199, $499, $999 monthly

Tool#59 Inventory Lab

Inventory Lab is a useful tool in the process of taxation. It generates all the relevant documentation, such as profit and loss statement, by automatically retrieving the relevant information from your Amazon account. This documentation can then be forwarded to your accountant who will complete the rest of the paperwork.

URL: inventorylab.com/
Price: $49 monthly

Tool#60 Hello Tax

Hello Tax is an incredibly user-friendly tax service that has your best interests at heart. They will explain everything in layman’s terms regarding VAT. They will check for any possible tax exemptions and also check whether VAT is applicable on your business or not. Their services are complemented by their software which performs some of these duties.

URL: hellotax.com
Price: $110 for every month and country.

Tool#61 Taxify

Taxify is another reliable tax service that has a hassle-free process. There is no need to manually upload your sales data in the form of spreadsheets as it automatically retrieves the information. It also highlights the states where tax is needed to be paid and automatically caters to any exempted entities.

URL: taxify.co
Price: $47, $97, $247 monthly

Category#16 Amazon Brand Registration

Tool#62 Brand Builders

Brand builders are an extensive operation that can elevate your brand to the next level. They develop your own website which subsequently becomes affiliated with your Amazon account. They also attract traffic to the website in order to further drive your success.

URL: brandbuilders.io
Price: $599, $2299, $3999 one-time charge

Tool#63 Brand Ignited

Brand Ignited simplifies the process of registering your brand on Amazon. It automatically sets up a webstore for your business which eliminates the need of your own website for completing registration process.

URL: brandignited.com
Price: $29, $59, $79 monthly

Category#17 Amazon Legal Services

Tool#64 Private Label Lawyer

Private Label Lawyer offers various relevant legal services for your Amazon account. This is handled by an individual lawyer named Suzie. She handles cases related to removal of hijacker from your listings and also helps with filing trademarks for your brand.

URL: theprivatelabellawyer.com
Price: $400 for initial meeting of 60 minutes.

Tool#65 Rosenbaum Famularo

Rosenbaum Famularo is another lawyer that offers various services related to Amazon. He is quite popular on the social media and, apart from the usual things, he also helps in filing counter complaints against those who filed complaints against you.

URL: amazonsellerslawyer.com
Price: Varies depending service

Category#18 Amazon Competitor Monitoring

Tool#66 Foster FBA

Foster FBA is a slightly underhanded service that allows you to keep track of your competitors. Using your competitor’s ASIN, you are able to view their backend keywords. This may be a result of a glitch in Amazon’s system so this service may not be 100% reliable.

URL: fosterfba.com
Price: $200, $300, $400, $500, one-time charge

Tool#67 Helium 10

As we have observed throughout the course of the list, Helium 10 is quite versatile. They offer a tool that can possibly provide great insight into your competitors. Using the ASIN of a competitor, you can find the driving factor behind their sales in terms of keywords.

URL: helium10.com
Price: $0, $97, $197, $397 monthly

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Category#19 Sell Amazon Products On Other Channels

Tool#68 Joe Lister

Joe Lister is a handy tool for expanding your business operations from Amazon to eBay as well. It creates listings on eBay automatically using the same resources from Amazon. It keeps the sales data in-sync so that there is no confusion regarding inventory.

URL: joelister.com
Price: $29, $59, $99, $499 monthly

Tool#69 Expandly

Expandly allows spreading your business to eBay and Etsy. Simply use its import functionality and all of your Amazon listings will be created on the other 2 marketplaces as well.  It also keeps track of inventory as a whole so no issues in that area.

URL: expandly.com
Price: $55, $130, $325, $1950 monthly

Tool#70 Provely

Provely helps you to make the most of your Shopify site. It integrates your sales from your Shopify site with your Amazon account. In case of any external sales, a notification of the sale appears on your Amazon product page which helps in boosting conversions.

URL: provely.io
Price:  $17, $27, $37 monthly

Tool#71 Brandchamp.io

Brandchamp allows you to increase your sales through the integration of brand ambassadors or social media influencers. It generates coupons for the respective affiliate and documents each sale under their name so that they can be rewarded later.

URL: brandchamp.io
Price: Varies per service

 So there you have it. A comprehensively researched list of the best available tools and services for selling on Amazon today.

As you can see, a number of these tools are multipurpose – which is always a good option for new sellers who may not be too familiar with the Amazon platform and need flexibility with their tools.

However, for the more experienced seller, a precise tool may well be the answer for your needs.

Whichever type of seller you may be; you should be in good hands with any of the above top Amazon tools and services to help you increase your overall brand presence and sales on Amazon.

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