September 7, 2019

Ways to Use Technology at Workplace to Motivate Employees

Technology today helps businesses in a myriad of ways. But there are things employers tend to miss out on quite often when it comes to keeping their employees motivated – for instance, using technology at the workplace for the purpose. One likely reason could be employers are not too creative at finding ways to integrate technological gadgets into their business processes from the viewpoint of enhancing the level of employee motivation. Whereas the fact is apart from using traditional methods to motivate employees such as free lunch or dinner, social events hosted by the company and more PTO, there are multiple other ways which can prove of assistance and beneficial – and one of these is definitely the induction of technology – a development which unfortunately most businesses today appear to struggle with.

In relation to this, here are a few practices that may work for you as an employer:

More Mobility

The number of mobile phone and internet users is continuously on the rise in the present-day world. Many managers, at varied companies, however still harbor conflicting ideas about using smartphones and other such devices at work. Regardless of all the beliefs and myths that cause some managers and their companies to not adopt a forward-looking approach, the fact is contemporary trends necessitate employers to offer to equip their workforce with mobile workplace tools. This would help employees stay connected no matter what their location or role – although to facilitate such a change, you may require reliable high-speed internet connectivity. If you are an employer intending to modernize the workplace for your employees in a bid to boost their level of motivation, you may find offers on are considerably cost-effective when it comes to providing secure and affordable internet service.

If you happen to be targeting positive change in employee productivity at the organizational level, you can anticipate a tremendous boost once technological advancement is put to use. Do remain mindful of the fact Utilizing mobile apps and devices is not the only way to keep your employees informed and connected; you can also use online portals and such to ensure the free flow of information.

Invest In Creating a More Flexible Workplace

According to varied research studies, the count of people who prefer a home-based employment option has taken a giant leap. It is reported this number has in fact reached approximately 103 percent over the past 10 years. Companies that have not lagged behind in realizing the immense benefits of allowing people to work from home have contributed the most towards the aforementioned change. Essentially because this is more, so a win-win situation for both the employer and the employee for it cuts the cost of running a business on one hand and renders the employees more engaged and productive on the other – a tradeoff that only adds value to any business.

Sadly, despite all these benefits, many in managerial capacity still hesitate from encouraging a flexible workplace. It is high time they understand if their aim is greater employee satisfaction, consistent and long-term growth, they must think about creating a flexible work setting.

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Think About Using IoT at Work

The advent of IoT has pushed the concept of automation to a whole new level. Processes that were manual in yesteryear are now becoming automated. Many activities which are part of your workplace routines and processes can now be rendered more efficient and productive given the technological assistance available to us in this digital age. Experts believe by the year 2025 the revenue generated from IoT will increase to $4 trillion with IoT coming to impact almost all aspects of business whether that includes management of operations, maintenance of equipment or optimization of the layout.

Businesses today must, therefore, look forward to investing in tools designed for the workplace so as to ensure a smarter and more connected work setting. An effort in this direction will also help collect more data and feedback about the varied aspects of the business, such as customers & employees, thereby permitting the employer more control over the overall operation of the enterprise.

Offer Opportunities for Learning and Career Growth

You should look forward to making your employees feel valued – they must feel like valuable assets to your business. When an employee thrives or encounters success, so does your business. You can’t simply make progress by throwing tools at your employees. You must invest time and effort into making them feel respected – ask them for their input and welcome their insights – invite their thoughts on the approach towards achieving goals – create an organizational culture that nurtures personal and professional growth – support them in learning of new skills relevant to the industry – remember if this leads to success for them, it will only translate into their commitment to your enterprise in the long run. Technological advancement can be extremely handy when it comes to creating opportunities for learning and career growth, given the rising trend of online education and training open to all.

Introduce Mobile Optimized Technology

Largely speaking, mobile applications come in very handy for many purposes and reasons. Essentially it is all about flexibility and accessibility – and mobile optimization is one of the most useful ways you can enhance the efficiency and productivity levels even at times when your employees may not feel too inclined to attend to work-related matters. In fact, as noted earlier, studies have suggested mobilizing key enterprise applications can boost productivity at the workplace by 40 percent.

Technology has always assisted and lifted mankind through the provision of the best solutions in all walks of life – motivating people with the aim to increase efficiency and productivity is one of the aspects wherein 21st-century technological progress has certainly played a key role and would still more in the coming years.

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