November 22, 2019

Top Digital Coins to Invest in 2020

The world of investments as we know it today has been transformed and the key factor behind this has been cryptocurrencies. These are digital assets that have been invented to complement traditional currency while also making online financial transactions safer. With some even going further to argue that cryptocurrencies will eventually replace the traditional ones.

If you’re looking to actually make a valuable investment, then choosing the correct cryptocurrency at the right time is key. The following is a list of the best coins to invest in right now as it’s proving beneficial.


Most people can expect Bitcoin to still be the top cryptocurrency heading into 2020. The key factors behind this are its ability to sustain institutional money, fast adoption rate, and potential global financial crisis. BTC has always been a coin that people tend to buy as a long-term investment. Many people will be happy to hear that Bitcoin has the potential to grow by 200 percent in the next two years. This is probably to be expected as all over the world, more and more consumers are employing services from the likes of Luno who offer a superb Bitcoin wallet and exchange platform.

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The future for Ripple is looking bright with XRP having the potential to become the best banking infrastructure. Ripple could rise as much as 380 percent in the next couple of years which makes it an extremely sought-after long-term investment. It has the potential to dominate the market and especially with rumors going around stating that Visa and Western Union could use Ripple.


Litecoin has proven to be extremely strong due to its technological superiority over Bitcoin. It provides a platform that is ready for a global payment network. This is something that Bitcoin is not, as they are not able to share this network load. The Lightning Network has made it possible for LTC to be interchangeable with Bitcoin. According to many reports, it is predicted that Litecoin could double by 2020 and rise by 440 percent. Litecoin comes with little risk with their investments being cheaper than Bitcoin or Ethereum.


If you’re looking to make an investment and receive benefits from it in the near future then EOS is the way to go. EOS is on the rise and could soon become the top system for enterprise applications. If world-renowned apps such as Twitter, Uber, Facebook decentralize their platforms, then it is likely that it will be built on EOS. Massive coins such as Ethereum could be moved to use the EOS network which could further expand the cryptocurrency. 2020 looks optimistic for EOS where it could thrive tremendously and become one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the market.

Investing in cryptocurrencies could be a highly beneficial business opportunity, but to reap the benefits you need to follow the market trends and learn the basics of when to sell or buy at the best possible time. Crypto is a global phenomenon, and there is no doubt there is an increasing number of people who are beginning to recognize that it’s a smart investment.

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