July 22, 2022

Top methods to watch Netflix for free

TV shows help many to relax during the day. It is good when you have time to watch a couple of short episodes of your favorite movie. In addition, even better, when you can be the first to watch the best popular new movies in excellent quality.

When it comes to good shows, Netflix is ​​the first thing that comes to mind. A studio produces several films every year that become famous all over the world in a short time. In addition, this cross-platform application allows you to watch these very films in good quality and even on multiple devices with friends.

Like any similar service, Netflix is ​​paid. However, there are several ways to watch its content free. We will consider them in this article. Surely, you will find an option that you did not know about yet.

Great alternative with no need to pay

Netflix Mod APK is a popular application that allows you to watch your favorite movies, series, and various TV shows on Android.

The application is designed for mobile devices and allows you to enjoy your favorite movies and series with complete comfort, wherever you are. It is worth noting that you don’t need to have a Netflix subscription to access all the features. You will be able to watch the broadcasts on your phone, tablet, laptop, or TV at no extra cost.

Series, documentaries and feature films, stand-ups, cartoons, and much more are available in the application. There is a convenient division into categories and genres, which allows you to find the necessary video and start watching it right away. View, share your comments, leave ratings and enjoy a high-quality picture on all devices. The accuracy of recommendations depends on the number of views. The system selects films and programs according to your interests and offers them for viewing.

The video download function offers you to save movies and series to your device so that you can watch them later on the road without spending traffic and time on them. The app received a user-friendly interface, many useful features, and a huge range of things that will drag you out for several months of continuous viewing.

Free month for every new Netflix user

Each new user who registers with the service automatically receives one month of free use. It is noteworthy that during this month you can use any tariff plan for free, even the most expensive and high-quality ones (tariffs differ in video quality and the number of devices on which you can watch a movie at the same time). You can switch from one tariff to another at any time. Thus, it is possible to evaluate the quality of each of them.

Some are frightened that when registering on Netflix, you must enter your card details, including the CVV code. This is necessary in order to start withdrawing payment for the selected tariff from your account automatically after a month. However, everything here is transparent and honest. Firstly, your payment data will not be transferred anywhere, and secondly, at any time, even on the very last day of the free plan, you can cancel your subscription. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about.

To start using Netflix free, you need to become a new user and register there. If you registered earlier, then you need to use an email and a card never used on Netflix before.

You can register on any device – PC, smartphone, TV, and others. If the operating system of the device has a browser, then you can use it. You can also install the Netflix app if there is a client version for your device’s operating system.

How to register on Netflix in detail

  1. Launch the app or go to netflix.com in your browser. The interface as a whole will be the same. Differences may be due to the screen size of the device.
  2. Enter your email and click on the “Get 30 Days Free” button. Please note that it says that you can cancel the subscription at any time and that the free period is available only to new users. Feel free to get 30 days free.
  3. Press continue and think up and write down a password to remember it. Don’t check the “I don’t want to receive special offers from Netflix” checkbox. Therefore, you do not miss important news, including discounts and promotions. Click the “Continue” button to continue.
  4. Click the Show Plans button. You will see tariff plans and their conditions. Select the desired plan. Remember that you can change it at any time. Click the “Continue” button again.
  5. Click on the inscription of “Credit or debit card” to enter the payment details. Users can pay with Visa and Mastercard.
  6. Enter your card details – the owner’s first and last name, number, expiration date, and CVV number. Please note that the payment amount is now zero, so nothing will be charged from your card. Also, remember the date until which your free period is valid. If you forget to unsubscribe before this day, then Netflix will charge for the tariff plan you have chosen.

Is it possible to watch Netflix free multiple times?

Obviously, it will be possible to register for one e-mail and card only once. Therefore, you cannot delete your account a month after registration and register again for the same data. Nothing will work.

To get a free 30-day period on Netflix multiple times, you need to have different emails and cards. If everything is clear with e-mails – you can create an unlimited number of them, then it is a little more complicated with cards.

To get more card data, there are several options:

  • Perhaps you have two or more cards, for example, one for a salary, the second for receiving any benefits. Use them.
  • Ask your friends and family who don’t intend to use Netflix for card details. You can use them, but be sure to cancel your subscription to avoid being charged.
  • Some online banks allow you to create a virtual card. Such cards allow making online purchases safely. Usually, you can create an unlimited number of virtual cards, but some of them may be with a paid plan. Check with your bank about this possibility and its conditions.

According to Netflix rules, each user has the right to use the free period only once, so for all other attempts, your account can be blocked at any time.

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