February 15, 2021

Will Sports Betting Apps Come to the Google Play Store?

With the widespread use of smartphones and the Internet, the gambling industry has witnessed positive changes in its operations and accessibility over years. Sports Betting Apps make the activity of predicting and placing a wager on sports events easy from anywhere in the world.

In July 2017, Google announced that gambling apps would be available on the Play Store for the first time. However, these apps are limited to some countries, though there are plans to add other countries and regions soon. The gaming industry is rejoicing at this plan to roll out accessibility for more countries and audiences.

For now, some of the countries where these apps are allowed on the Play Store include:

● United Kingdom

● France

● Ireland

● Brazil (only limited to approved apps published by Caixa Economica Federal)

Aside from the Play Store, the Google Play service is also integral in the effective use of apps. It allows Android devices to update and make use of sports betting apps without much hassle.

The positive tone from Google to allow these apps into the Play Store has prompted so many questions. But the major probe is, what is preventing those other countries from allowing gambling apps into their respective editions of the Play Store?

But first, what forms or classes of sports betting apps are we talking about?

Types of Sports Betting Apps

When it comes to sports betting apps in general, there are different types available for download both on the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and other third-party platforms.

Of course, each type has its specific use. And below are the most popular types we know:

Betting Tips/Predictions

Betting is not an easy activity, peculiarly if it is on a challenging sports event. Before players can make any correct decision, they will have to be at their intuitive best and have enough knowledge about the situation in real-time.

To make things easy, many developers have come up with these Android apps. They provide an expert view, reliable prediction, and tips on events. Remember that these apps are in no way a pundit’s final betting selection tool. They are only there to guide bettors in their decisions.

There are many of these apps on the Play Store but finding the right one should not be difficult. Consider their reviews and prediction/tips success rate.

Betting Calculators

Making use of calculators is one of the best ways to estimate one’s winnings. Plus, it is easy to use these betting odds calculators. They support a variety of choices like bookmaker bonuses, each way, and accumulator perms. Players can rely on these fascinating apps for fast and accurate calculations of expected winnings.

Bookmaking Apps

They are the most important and commonly used type of sports betting apps. Powered by trusted bookmakers, they allow bettors to conveniently place bets on their favorite sports activities without visiting the websites. These days, almost all bookies have both a betting app and a betting site.

Reason Why Sports Betting Apps on the Play Store Aren’t Allowed in Some Countries

For Android users, the most popular and convenient way to download an app is through the Play Store. Sadly, though, in most countries like the United States, Google’s legal terms and conditions do not allow real money gambling apps—which include sports betting apps.

One may wonder why other countries like France allow such apps. Well, this is most likely because each country has its laws governing the industry of gambling. Generally, gambling isn’t against the law, but the problem is that it is not perfectly legal. That would mean it is up to each country to decide whether or not to legalize sports betting. Google, as a reputable global company, needs to follow the laws of each country. It is necessary when it comes to allowing apps for download.

Even if these apps are eventually allowed in a country, they would need to meet some Google prerequisites before they are distributable. Most significantly, the company developing it will have to attest they have a valid gambling license in that country.

How to Place Bets on Sports Betting Apps

Depending on your country or region, the betting apps available for download on the Play Store vary. To find the right one, you will need to discover the best sports betting bookmaker.

A satisfactory bookmaker offers free bets, exciting odds, a low wager limit, and other bonuses to both their new and existing users. Players can examine the above qualities to help in their search. And if they are still confused, bettors should check the ones listed on Free Bets.com.

After downloading one’s preferred app, players either sign in to an existing account or create a new one. The next step is to make a deposit, which shouldn’t be difficult as long as it is within the deposit limit and players are using an amicable deposit method.

Pundits then create a bet slip they are confident of, selecting and predicting the outcome of sports matches. There are various betting markets to predict different outcomes and match statistics; this can open more opportunities to win. And to help with one’s selection, players can make use of betting tips apps. They provide suggested tips or outcome results on desired sporting activities. Oftentimes, these tips come from professional tipsters and experts in the sports industry.

Finally, players will need to place a stake on the bet slip. The amount players can stake depends on the money in their betting account and their level of confidence in the predictions. Why confidence level? The more confident a pundit is of his bet slips, the higher his urge to stake more.

How Will These Apps Impact the Betting Industry?

Previously, sports betting operators were only able to distribute their apps through their own or third-party platforms. That proved restrictive to the operators who, in a period of technological growth, were not able to effectively promote their products.

The Android industry takes up to about 53% of the mobile share market in the United Kingdom. That means online sports betting operators will have to take this massive opportunity to grow their user base and Android app portfolio. They can now promote and maintain their apps without much cost and with convenience. The apps would also prove to be a valuable customer acquisition channel for online gambling operators, new and old.

On another side, the introduction of these apps to the Play Store will allow sports bettors to find their favorite betting apps with ease.

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