June 2, 2015

Track your Friends Location on Facebook using this Hack

Facebook is a place where we come across people who stay in various locations wherein most of them give fake locations. To trace the accurate location of such Facebook friends with whom you are chatting, this article guides you to find the location of them using a single Google Chrome Extension. Marauder Map is a Google Chrome Extension that helps you to track the location of your friends with Facebook hacks. Most of us might have seen Harry Potter series in which Marauder map is used to find the location of people in Hogwarts. The movie showed a real time tracking in which the exact location of the person will be displayed on the map. Likewise, this Facebook trick also tracks the location of people using Facebook hacks.

Marauder Map – Track your Friend’s Location using Facebook Hack

Aran Khanna is a student developer from Cambridge, MA, has created a Google Chrome Extension entitled as “Marauder Map” that tracks the data regarding the friend’s location from Facebook Messenger and rapidly plots on the map.

It is already known that Facebook shares the location of your friend whenever you chat via Facebook Messenger. Perhaps, you must realize that the location that is being displayed in the messenger is precise or not. In order to confirm that messenger shows apt locations, Marauder map assists you in tracking your friend’s location.

Usually, Facebook is a popular social networking site that provides a feature where you can check the location of your friend whenever you receive a message from them. This extension also works in the similar manner but displays the location on a map by mapping the locations of all the your Facebook friends. This map grabs the location of your friend from the Facebook Messenger and rapidly plots the exact location on the Marauder map.

Install Marauder Map from the Chrome Extension

You can install this Marauder map through the Google Chrome Extension. After installing the chrome extension, a mapping location of all your friends will be displayed on the Marauder map.

track friends location on facebook

Marauder Map is not a vicious feature, it just retrieves the latitudes and longitudes that are attached to the messages from JavaScript objects your browser stores to render Messenger.

How to set your location private?

If you are not interested in sharing your own location with your friends and wish to hide your location, then you have the option of “Disable location sharing” by just tapping the arrow icon in your Messenger. You can even go into the settings of your phone and disable Messenger’s location access altogether.

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