January 20, 2015

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer

As contacts are the most valuable part of our smartphones, it could be difficult and time-consuming to rebuild contacts of name, phone numbers and email addresses once you lose your iPhone or when the iPhone data are corrupted. As we all know that iPhone is not really like other smartphones, unlike Android, the iPhone does not allow its users to back up their contact files on their SIM card. Unfortunate truth is that Apple wants user to rely on iTunes to back up all of the information on their iPhone.

We all think that it would be nice if there was a way to back up the contact files on your iPhone to your PC/Mac without having to use iTunes. Fortunately, here we are providing you a way to back up all the contacts of your iphone to your PC or Mac. The following tutorial helps you in having a back up  to all your contacts to PC/Mac.

Here we are going to use a tool called iPhone Contact to Computer Transfer tool. The Contacts app on your iPhone holds your entire address book which includes emails, phone numbers, address and a whole lot more. iExplorer allows you to access your iPhone contacts data from your computer and export or copy that information as you please. Using drag-and-drop or bulk exporting you can instantly backup everything or just copy specific conctacts in a snap. With iExplorer, you can export your contacts directly to the universally accepted VCard format on your Windows PC or directly to your Contacts app on your Mac.

Here you go steps to back up/transfer your contacts  from iPhone to PC/Mac

Step 1

Download iPhone Contacts to Computer Transfer, then install the software on your computer.

Click here to download the software



Step 2

Now connect your phone to computer, all the information related to your device will be displayed in the interface.

Once you launch the program and connect your iPhone to the PC/Mac. Wait a few seconds for your iPhone address book to appear in the programs interface.

In order to backup your iPhone contacts you are going to start by selecting the option labeled “Contacts” in the left panel. Then, you just need to select the contacts you want to transfer. Finally, you just have to click the button labeled “Back Up All Contacts” that is located at the bottom of the screen.

#Step 3

Click on “Contact” icon to start the sync process between your iPhone and the software.

Fortunately, this program was created to make it easy for the user to export contacts to their computer/Mac as well.

#Step 4

Select those contacts that you want to transfer to your computer.

Click the option labeled “Contacts” and select the contacts you want to export by checking the boxes next to them. Once you have made your selections, you will click the button labeled “Export Contacts to Computer.” You can export iPhone contacts to your PC/Mac as a .csv and .vCard file format.

 This program was also capable of importing contacts back to your iPhone after they have been stored on your PC/Mac for safekeeping.You are going to start out by selecting the option labeled “Contacts” in the left panel. Then, you will need to select the contacts you want to import. Once you have made all of your selections, you will click a button at the bottom of the interface that is labeled “Important Contacts to Device.

Hope this article helps you to make a back up of all your contacts of iphone.Further, if you’ve any queries regarding this, let us know by making a comment below we’ll help you in sorting it out your issue.

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