March 18, 2019

How to Transfer Data to Any Android Mobile Without Using Data Cable?

There is no doubt about that, now a days 8 out of 10 people use smartphones and 6 out of 10 people use android mobiles. Because those phones which have android operating system are available for less price when compared with other mobiles which have windows mobile operating system and ios. The bitter truth is most of the people having android mobiles but very few of them having USB data cables which are helpful to transfer data from pc to mobile. Some mobile vendors doesn’t provide cables and some other people lost their data cables. Of Course every mobile have Bluetooth connection but the transfer rate from Bluetooth to Bluetooth is very slow.

So here we provide one unique and useful solution to transfer data from pc to android mobile without using any data cable.

How to Transfer Data to Any Android Mobile without Data Cable?

To overcome this problem there is one excellent application which allows you to send and receive files from pc to android mobile. That is Software Data Cable (Pro), by using this application not only transfer from pc to android mobile but also transfer from other devices.

1. To work with this application first you need to download Software Data Cable (Pro) application from Google play Store and install it on your android mobile.

2. After installing this application just connect to same Wi-Fi network which is already connected to your pc or mac.

3. Now open application and click on “start service” button and it will display an ip address. Note that ip address and paste it on windows explorer.

start service on software data cable application

4. Once you enter this ip address then press enter to see all your mobile folders in your pc.

copy ip address from software data cable application

5. Now just copy the folder or file which one you want to transfer from pc to mobile and paste it on your mobile explorer.(Here mobile explorer means, by using this address we connect our mobile to pc).

6. That’s it, in this way we can transfer any file/folder from pc to android mobile but make sure you have Wi-Fi connection.

7. You can also change settings of this application as per your requirements.

settings of software data cable

Features of Software Data Cable (Pro):


  • There is no need to download and install drivers to work with this application.
  • Send photos, videos, apps, music and other files to other mobiles, tablets etc.
  • You can also auto sync all important data to computer or any cloud storage on daily, weekly basis.
  • Transferring speed is too fast with 54Mb/s
  • Sync all your important data to cloud storage networks like Microsoft one drive and baidu etc. You can also sync folders and files to laptop, pc or any other file server.
  • This is also compatible with windows explorer and other FTP clients like Filezilla.


If you have any doubts while installing and using this application please refer their help guide which comes inbuilt with the application.

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