July 24, 2015

5 Different Types of Websites/Blogs that Rank on the First Page of Google

For most Bloggers/Webmasters ranking their websites on the front page of google is the key factor to drive majority traffic from Google. In the process of ranking their pages on the first page of google they tend to do a lot of practices(SEO/SMO). In this article I am going to explain you different kinds of Blogs/Websites that you find on the Front Page of Google and why?

According to Google they want to show the best possible and most relevant content on the top of google search results. In this process they have developed a lot of algorithms. However I find that the algorithms are not yet perfect and need to be rectified.

This article might help you in understanding things better about the different types of blogs that you find on the front page of google and the reason behind it.

Category #1. Google News Websites

As you have seen most of the time when you are searching for a news topic or the topic that is trending you tend to see news section on the top of the google search results. Majority of the time this section is taken up by big news channels and big media company websites.

results in google news

Obviously these websites have an advantage and they drive massive traffic from the google news section. Though there are many news websites that pop up each and every day, not all last long. Only the websites that push high quality content last long in news section. Even though they don’t push high quality content the site will still be listed in google news once its approved but its visibility in news gets decreased day by day if the sites don’t push high quality content in large volumes.

Now that the news sites receive a lot of traffic they tend to gain a lot of authority with time. So, not only in the news section but these news sites will also start outranking all others sites in the organic results as well because of their huge authority. Its really very difficult to compete with such sites. Also most of the google updates favour these sites and we only see their ranking boosting day by day. So such kind of websites will last very long on the front page of google.

Category #2. The HoneyMoon Effect Websites/Blogs

Some people might be aware of it and some might be hearing it for the first time. There is an effect called “HoneyMoon” in SEO language. The blogs that are undergoing this phase rank extremely well without any reason. The blogger/webmaster might be thinking that he might have done something magical and his site started ranking. But the fact is that its just a phase which almost every blog/website goes into. This is a kind of opportunity given by Google to the webmaster to showcase his work when ranked on the top of search results.

However these blogs will loose rankings with time if the webmaster/blogger doesn’t push quality content which can drive them organic backlinks. Most of the bloggers tend to fall for this trap. Once their sites gets into this phase they start stuffing their sites with full of keywords to take advantage of this phase later one day the site will get penalized and the webmaster even don’t know why their site is ranked and why its penalized.

Every blog will undergo this phase and it has to be utilized properly or else you will tend up dumping the existing blog and start one more new, then repeat the cycle.

Category #3. Those Spammy Sites with Thousands of Spam Backlinks

Some webmasters tend to built too many backlinks especially by blog comments, directory submissions, forum posting etc which are considered as spam according to Google. These blogs rankings tend to improve gradually and a stage reaches where their articles come on to the first page. But these blogs will either start falling back slowly or chances that google might deindex these blogs completely from google listing are higher.

So even these sites doesn’t rank long enough.

Category #4. Smart Backlink Strategy Websites/ Blogs

Any kind of link building is considered as spam by google. So, even being smart in building backlinks is also spam without any doubt. But some bloggers understand the search algorithms well and they tend to built few links but very powerful ones like getting links from high PR blogs, sitewides, High PR Directories etc. These blogs tend to rank pretty well.

But no matter how smart you are google will find out the blog one day and penalize it as well. The good thing is it takes some time for the google to identify these blogs and the blogger/webmaster should have made a decent income out of the blog. The worst is all the work he has done these many days will go in vain and he has to restart everything all over again which I think is not a wise option.

Category #5. The Genuine Content Rich Blogs

This is what google wants at the end of the day. These bloggers thrive to provide value to their readers and they work on producing great content for their readers. They don’t focus on building links instead they work on how to earn backlinks with good content. This is a time taking process and a blogger/webmaster need to show a lot of patience for this to happen. These blogs will gradually get organic backlinks and they tend to rank on the front page of google one day.

These blogs don’t get penalized in majority of the cases. However there are evidences that google has also penalized genuine blogs/websites but if the Webmaster is aware of the updates going on in Google Search Algorithm nothing can happen to such blogs. These blogs last longer enough on the front page of google and their organic traffic increases exponentially every day.

Final Words

To be very honest I started my blogging as a Category #3 Blogger and then slowly moved to Category #4 listed above. However I was not happy with the short term results and now am just sticking to produce good content for my readers to the best possible extent. Let me know which category you belong to.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

Imran Uddin is a Professional blogger from India and on All Tech Buzz, he writes about Blogging, How to tips, Making money online, etc.

  1. Excellent info .. And if possible please write an article on ‘How to approve a website in Google News’ the most best tricks and tips.

  2. Please give information about how to create and sell mobile apps.
    Please give information about admob in google adsense

    Thanks & Regards,

  3. Can you please write an article on How To Got Approved In Google New please.. Thanks for this article

  4. Great post!” You are performing a good job.thanks for the nice sharing.I feel that Google news is the most difficult as it needs our website to get approved to publish under Google News.

  5. Hi Imran Bro,
    For blog Ranking All Way is Very helpful and Mostly People use Category #3 and 4 For Ranking.But other Method Also Work Well.
    Thank you

  6. Great information man. I have started ad Category 3 blogger and then I have swifted to Category 5 for some of my long term projects. But still I am working as a category 4 blogger for a lot of my sites.

  7. Hey Imran,
    I see why you put the Genuine and Rich Content sites at the bottom. This is because the sites with spammy backlinks rank higher from those having rich content. This is all because of google. As it is just a bot and works on some algorithms.
    Creating backlinks for rich content can be a great idea and we all follow it.

    I want to ask what if some site having very rich content creates a lot of spammy backlinks? It will surely rank at the top within 24 hrs.

    Anyway, it was nice to read this article.

  8. Hi bro,
    As of now I’m trying to be in category 5 but actually I don’t know which category I belong to. If you can tell me which category my blog belong to at present, it would be highly useful.
    Thank you…

  9. Excellent article. Being a newbie, I was not aware of these type of websites, the only thing I was aware of the building bulk backlinks to rank.

  10. You forgot about event blogs bro.Now a days ranking simply for unrelated blogs and unrelated content too.Anyway good article.

  11. Great post Imran, with all the latest google updates, it’s high time everyone switch to a quality content oriented blogging strategy which will last long.

  12. Hi Imran,
    I can observe that you are proceeding to the category #5 with your content. I’m glad that you share your experience with such honesty. Surely you are the one who is to remain in long race.

  13. Hi, Imran Uddin , No doubt its a great post.
    I will start implementing it on my site.
    Well you are inspiration for all bloggers.

  14. hi imran bhai,
    its very informative post ,thanks for sharing.can you please share more info about how to approve for google news 🙂

  15. Great Article. I wish, my website also start ranking on the top of google. 😀 I Wish. 😉 Thanks for the advice buddy. 😀 Seeking for your reply and even if you can say something about my website.

  16. Hey imran,Great Article. I wish, my website also start ranking on the top of google. I Wish. Thanks for the advice buddy. Seeking for your reply and even if you can say something about my website. 🙂

  17. hi imran i t will be great if you write something on event blogging for eg benefits of event blogging,types of event blogs eg.new year,movies etc. how to success in event blogs. it will inspire a lot of audience.
    ~ Tejas

  18. A Wonderful article, bro. I’m working hard to make my website content-rich since the other options are almost closed for me. Your classification really hits the spot.

  19. @Imran
    This is very true some other site rank improve very fast. As they are using different SEO tricks. And Smart Backlink Strategy Websites that improve their rank. But The Genuine Content Rich Blogs take time but always in Top rank. Thanks for sharing very nice and value article for us.

  20. yeah ok you told it good but can you say me which website will have organic backlinks i.e without anyone doing themself? i.e only websites like socialnetworking or some high profile sites only have that and also rarely.

    so i think no one i.e even big websites wait for organic backlinks because who is going to link to you and even if they link it may be one or twice but how we see thousnads of backlinks for each of websites,so if selfcreativing backlinks is not allowed by google,then why not google not doing anything i.e google have to penalise like that there wont be any website in search engine.

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