July 18, 2022

Understand the Importance of Checking RBL Credit Card Status Online

Credit card application is very smooth and hassle-free nowadays as customers can simply fill out an application form, submit it online and sit back as the process is then taken over by the banks. However, once you have applied for an RBL credit card, for example, it is crucial to stay updated and know your application status from time to time. 

There are many ways you can check the status of your RBL credit card, from visiting their website or app to personally going to one of their nearest branches.

Here’s how you can track the RBL credit card status on their official website:

  1. Visit the RBL Bank’s website.
  2. Now go to the ‘track your RBL credit card status’ to check your application status online.
  3. Enter the RBL credit card reference number that you have received over mail or SMS when you submit the application. Remember to add the ‘#’ key with the reference number.
  4. Now enter the mobile number that is registered and then click on ‘Submit’ to submit your requirement.
  5. Once your details are authenticated, you will be able to see your RBL credit card status.

If you want to track the RBL credit card status via e-mail, then follow these quick steps:

  1. The First step is to apply for RBL Credit Card. Once you have applied for your  RBL credit card and have a reference number in place, you can write to their team to enquire about your RBL credit card status.
  2. Drop an e-mail at cardservices@rblbank.com for your RBL credit card application status inquiry, or drop an e-mail at supercardservice@rblbank.com for RBL Super Card.

You can also call their customer care numbers to quickly check on your RBL credit card status. All you need to do is provide your application reference number and registered mobile number to the customer care representative on the call, and once verified, your RBL credit card status will be shared with you over SMS or e-mail.

  • For RBL credit card, call +91 22 6232 7777
  • For RBL SuperCard, call +91 22 7119 0900

Why check RBL credit card status?

It is crucial to check credit card status once you submit the application as it helps you understand if your application is approved, the card is in transit, or if there is a hold-up of any kind. Usually, the application status process and methods vary from bank to bank. However, there are five common application status types that an applicant may come across. 

Here are the common application status types you may come across when you check for RBL credit card application status online:

  1. In process – This means that your credit card application is submitted and is now pending review, meaning that RBL Bank can either approve or reject it.
  2. On hold – When RBL credit card status shows ‘On hold,’ it means that certain documents or details are missing in the application. Applicants can reach out to their relationship managers, call customer care, or visit the nearest RBL branch to understand what is missing and share it at the earliest.
  3. Dispatched – If your status shows dispatched, it means that your RBL credit card application status is approved and that your card is out for delivery. You can check how long it will take for the courier to reach you with an RBL bank representative, as it differs from bank to bank.
  4. Rejected – A rejected RBL credit card status would mean that your application was rejected for multiple reasons like low credit score, history of defaulting payments, delayed EMI payments, excessive loans, or debts, etc. Connect with a branch manager or write to the ban to understand the reason for your application rejection and try to rectify it.
  5. No records found – In some cases, if your status shows no records found, then you may have entered incorrect credit card application details. You can go back to the main page and recheck your application reference number, mobile number, etc. and retry the RBL credit card status process.

Alternatively, there are many ways to check the RBL credit card status offline as well. One of the simplest ways to do so is by visiting the nearest RBL branch and showing your reference application number to a representative.

In conclusion

Knowing your application status and tracking it from time to time will help you understand how soon the card will be delivered. Moreover, if there is an issue with the application or if the application is stuck midway, you will be able to view it and address it accordingly. Hence, it is advisable to track your RBL credit card status online and be updated at all times.

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