June 28, 2023

Upcoming PUBG Mobile Esports Tournaments That You Can’t Afford to Miss

The past few years have seen an unprecedented explosion of battle royal madness in the world of online games with action-packed record-breaking games that have kept gamers glued to their devices. One of these is Tencent games’ brain child player unknown’s Battleground or PUBG as it is referred to in Gaming circles.

The game was launched in early 2018 as a console and PC game. The good reception and immense success it enjoyed worldwide made Tencent games get back to work, and they created a mobile version that made the gaming world let out a collective sigh of relief as everybody could now enjoy the game everywhere and anywhere on a mobile device.

The game broke previously unbroken records, and today it is one of the most played and downloaded online games in the world. It has both the Android and iOS version.

PUBG Mobile Essentials

The game starts with you being dropped onto an island with a parachute. As you drop to the ground, you have your work clearly cut for you. You have to gather all that you can, from weapons and clothing to medical supplies, so that you win. The weapons come in a wide range from pistols, to rifles and with different modifications.

The island’s geography is detailed on a map at the top right-hand corner of the screen, and the playing areas decrease in size as time goes by, with those found outside the condensed safe area being eliminated.

As the play area decreases, the game heads towards its climax as the intensity of the battles increases, and the last person or team standing becomes the winner. The game lasts approximately thirty minutes.

Upcoming PUBG Mobile Events

There are two main tournaments that are on the horizon. These events have enjoyed a lot of success in the recent past attracting record-breaking viewership and unbelievable prize pools. Apart from playing in the tournaments, gamers are now also able to take part in PUBG betting and win real money by correctly predicting winners in different events. The two major tournaments coming up are:

  • PMWI 2023
  • PMGC 2023

PMWI 2023

The PMWI is back this July, and it’s even bigger and better. Be ready for an adrenaline-filled high-octane event. This year’s event will be hosted in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Players will have to sweat it out in the heat of Saudi Arabia for bragging rights. This event will start on July 11th, and the final games will be played on July 16th.

It will be a two-event tournament, with the first being the 18-team All-star stage. This stage will see the 18 teams fight for five slots, which will see them proceed to the next stage, which will be the main event.

At the main event, 11 teams will be joined by the five that made it from the All-Star stage in what promises to be an epic battle that PUBG Mobile enthusiasts will remember for years to come.

PMGC 2023

This will be the fourth successive year for the PMGC. This event outdoes itself every year, and from what we have come to expect from PUBG Mobile, ladies, and gentlemen, this year, too, we are in for a treat.

It will take place in Turkey starting 10th November 2023 and will see 48 teams have the honor to grace the event. It will be in two stages too. The first, the league stage, will have 48 teams that will battle it out for 13 slots, qualifying for the next stage, which will be the grand finals. Those lucky will join 3 other invited teams at this stage, and the 16 teams will square it out for us to find a world champion. Mark your calendars because you can’t afford to miss these events.

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