April 14, 2020

Various Type of Printers and Their Specifications

A printer is an extension of a computer that is used to print text, pictures, and bar code that is used in the documentation. Whether it’s a homework assignment or an office project, you can always use the services of the printer to complete your tasks, assignments, and other works.

Therefore, it becomes essential to invest in a printer either for academic purposes, work purposes, or just for business. It is an unavoidable accessory that is used very frequently, and therefore, it is important that you invest in a good printer to make your work handy and smooth. With the advancement of technology, printers that are manufactured are equipped with the latest technology.

However, you must always invest in a good printer because it will last for decades, and you will be stuck with it. Many established companies like BlueDogInk offer a variety of brands in the printer technology to choose from before you seal a deal.

At the same time, those who are confused about which printer is going to suit their need in the best possible way, here we are providing the information about the variety of printers so that you can make your decision based upon your requirements and specialties of the printers.

Types of inkjet printers – Inkjet printers come in many options and have different abilities that give multiple choices to the buyers. Due to this, they are mostly found in the household. They are affordable, but if your printer design is not good, you might need frequent cartridge replacement that might become expensive in the long run. Some small business users also use inkjet printers for their requirements.

  1. All in one inkjet printer – It is the most popular printer’s option for household requirements. It is called as all-in-one or multifunction inkjet printer. How much they cost, the technological advances and their performance are variable, so the buyers have many options to choose from. One can make a list of their requirements and choose a model that suits their requirements the most. It can print in black and white as well as color options, along with scanning and copying capabilities. Depending upon the usage, the cartridge is required to be replaced.
  2. Photo inkjet printer – Photo inkjet printers use special ink to make your print stand out rather than a regular print. You are provided a clearer and more beautiful picture while you can work on the different print sizes. It uses two types of ink, both die based and pigment-based, and thus, they are seen a bit more expensive than a regular inkjet printer. Also, they need at least 6 to 12 cartridge for the printing, scanning, and copying jobs. It is mainly used by photographers in their business requirements, such as banners, portraits, painting, and others. If required, people can also opt for the printers that can be used by smartphones to make their work easier and getting a professional touch at every image.
  3. Mono-function inkjet printer – As the name suggests, these printers are easy to use and are more suitable for office and households where basic printing job is required. They are simple to use and are very affordable. Depending upon the usage, they can use a lot of ink for black and white print. However, the cost depends upon the various jobs you will be doing and can be managed easily. Just connect it to your Wi-Fi and give print commands. Voila! The job is done.

Types of laser printers- Laser printers are suitable for printing multiple text prints in the office. They are more suitable for office settings and compact areas. You can find the appropriate size depending upon the job you want to get done. These printers cost more than an inkjet printer, but many documents can be printed at a fast speed. Therefore, the price of toner is comparatively more affordable.

  1. Color laser printer – In your office, is presentations are emphasized very much; a color laser printer can be your perfect option. It is especially useful if you want the graphics and illustration to stand out in your documents. However, because it prints in color, it has four cartridges in it. It is useful for a small business where you want thousands of prints without the toner replacements, and only four cartridges need to be replaced.
  2. Monochrome laser printer – Monochrome laser printers are conventional printers that have lost their popularity after the arrival of color printers as the latter are comparatively more affordable and high-speed printing. However, since these printers are monochrome, they can print only in black and white, and thus, you have only one cartridge to replace them. This single cartridge will help you in cutting down your costs and makes them very affordable for your business.

Some Other types of printers are also known as:-

  1. Portable photo printer – A portable photo printer is a beautiful gift from technology. As the name suggests, these printers are comparatively small and are designed to print compact pictures for your use. You can use these printers and connect it with your smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth and successfully print the photos in seconds. It is easy to grab where ever you go and offers a clear, compact image whenever you want.
  2. A3 size printer – An A3 size paper printer can print the standard size document as well as the large documents. Thus, saving the hassle of going out, if you want to print a document containing large text and size. These are especially useful in business or corporate sector where the variable size is required, depending upon the presentations and file format. It saves the hassle of investing in a new printer as well. Although it is a bit expensive due to its versatility, it is worth the price and overtime, justify its price as well.
  3. Large format printers – As the name suggest, these printers are large and require a lot of space to set them up. It is useful in large scale projects or high-end photography assignments that you want to complete without going to a specialized shop. Due to their functionality and size, they are quite expensive. Before you invest in it, you must make appropriate space for its set-up

As you know by now, not all printers can fulfill your purpose. And your requirements will be different from the others for sure. Keeping this in mind is very important before you invest in a printer. You should always weigh the pro and cons of a printer and research on it to come up with the right model. It is only then you can make the right investment and pay the price for the services you want.

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