February 3, 2018

VC-Backed Startup Cool Cousin to Implement Blockchain in Order to Become World’s First P2P Travel Agency

People travel around the world for different reasons such as work, vacation, exploration, etc., and at different times. Hence, depending on their specific reasons, individuals arriving at new destinations normally need some level of guidance either for their entire trip or at least the initial stages before they settle. That is when the travel and tourism agencies come handy and helpful.


Mainstream travel agencies have played significant roles in enabling tourists to achieve convenience in their trips. However, the recent online based platforms such as Priceline, Airbnb, Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc have taken the industry to new heights.

It is very hard to find concise and reliable travel information online because the Internet is more or less a dumping ground.  A simple Google search for “the best hotels in Hyderabad” yields several thousands of results. Travelers are then forced to waste their valuable time going through the overload information to find relevant information.

Hence, to solve these problems, Cool Cousin is stepping up the travel industry. As the name implies, when you want to travel, your best shot at getting honest and reliable information is to reach out to a friend/family member who lives in your destination. Cool Cousin simply connects travelers with like-minded locals called Cousins. It is shaping up to be a valuable source of information for travelers who want heads up from a trusted insider that understands their tastes and ensures that travelers enjoy the best of experiences.

The company is a VC-backed travel platform with over 500,000+ travelers already using its web and iOS app to discover new cities and almost 1000 Cousins in 70 cities.

Cool Cousin implements a blockchain technology as a tool to enhance the efficiency of service. Using blockchain technology, the company is introducing a cryptographic token named CUZ created to incentivize growth of its community of local experts called Cousins. This will allow travelers to get personalized concierge-like services from locals via a tokenized, smart contract-based, P2P platform.

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Cool Cousin also allows travelers filter the community of locals by age, interest, gender etc, and once they connect to their new Cousin, they can message them for a more personalized guidance.

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