July 15, 2015

How Can You Save Money & Time While Travelling In India

So you don’t need to worry about Food, Hotels, Flight, etc when you are traveling in India. In recent years traveling in India is just redefined by much needed B2C technologies. You don’t need to stand in queue and purchase tickets. Just open up your laptop, Mobiles & tablets and you can find many services that can fulfill your requirement.

Taking a cue from tourist secrets Asia guide we shorted 5 basic needs with respective services available:

  1. Flight
  2. Remote Cabs
  3. Food
  4. Hotels
  5. Travel Places


This is the 1st and main need if you want to visit any place within a short time. Every state capital has now flight availability. To save time while you go to the outside state.  Now the 2nd part how can you book your ticket without standing in a queue? It’s simple, You can now simply book your ticket online via many websites e.g. Makemytrip, cleartrp, Goibibo, etc. Just you need to enter some steps and your ticket is done. You can also Web check-in on the respective flight service. They offer various coupons that you can avail of.

Remote Cabs

It was hectic when you reached the destination state but unable to find a taxi, cabs for your exact location drop. And if you find they charge as they wish, maybe a high price. So it’s not complicated anymore. you can book a taxi on your laptop, mobile and tablets. The popular services are OLA cabs, Uber cabs, Taxiforsure and Meru. Ola and Taxiforsure services are found in many places over India but Uber and Meru operate in the least areas. You can also get a discount on its offers and promo codes.


Zomato is a giant when it comes to food directory. just tap on your mobile and open up Zomato, you can find many restaurants, bars, quick bite, etc on your present location. So no need to ask strangers about restaurants on your travel location. You can see reviews and ratings of a restaurant on Zomato. Also, you can book a dine via OLA cafe on ola app.


For Hotels, you have various options. Many websites now a day’s available for booking hotels e.g. Makemytrip, Goibibo, Yatra & Hotels.com. they have mobile apps so it’s a simple booking on the go. There is also a price comparing site  trivago.in which compares hotel prices and can save your money.

Travel Destinations

So if you get free time but don’t know where to go for spending time, you can search on Google and follow some popular travel blogs to get some entertainment and fun locations to spend time. for example, you can simply search “travel locations in Bangalore” and you will find many websites listing great places in Bangalore just like Wonderland, etc. Tripadvisor.in is great for this.

So these are the services you can avail of and with saving time and money. Your time is precious, don’t waste it.

Services are subjected to availability in those destinations.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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