May 6, 2021

Video Game Blogging – How It Works and How to Start One?

A fast-growing niche for bloggers today is video game blogging because of the massive gaming-passionate audience. The focus should be to engage the audience with relevant content on video games to gain more followers. Bloggers need to know how to grow Twitch followers to reach the target audience and enhance engagement. Some people make a living by blogging about their favorite games.

Below are the other reasons why you should blog on video games:

  •       Create and popularize your brand in e-sports.
  •       Enhance community following online.
  •       Get invites to press and gaming conferences.
  •       Monetization.
  •       One can access new games and new technology for such games before the launch.
  •       Gain a deeper understanding of gaming.

How video game blogging works

There is stiff competition in the video game blogging industry. The approach one takes determines if one will be successful or not. Patience and professionalism are some of the attributes one should cultivate to survive the competition.

Below are some tips on the best approach to take for video gaming blogging to work for you:

  1.     Identify a specific sub-niche

One should consider the perspective of the target niche to ensure they create content relevant to them. Having that in mind will influence the Google rankings and help to retain audience attention. You may choose a niche depending on the type of games, such as action games or first-person shooters. Some bloggers also choose a niche depending on the specific systems, such as Nintendo 3DS or PC games.

  1.     Video game pre-order promotion

Promoting video game pre-orders will draw more attention to the blog and generate more followers too. Amazon is an ideal platform for video game pre-orders and marketing of trailers and ads online. It also generates more traffic to your website. The pre-order games come with bonuses and accessories for potential clients that help to enhance your online visibility and more following.

  1.     Start a gaming channel on YouTube

YouTube is an ideal platform to promote visual content. One should join various networks online to get access to copyright video gaming videos. That makes it easier to upload content on YouTube and gain more followers on the platform, for additional income. It helps to promote your blogs too.

  1.     Utilize affiliate sales and cost per ads options

Here, the focus should not be on AdSense as the income streams are low unless one has a big audience. Focus on selling games, consoles, and game guides. Selling digital currency for gaming, uploading game reviews, and in-game tutorials are affiliates that will generate more money for you.

  1.     Create and maintain an up-to-date email list

It is hard for people to break away from a hobby. Gaming is a hobby, and people will continuously be interested in the latest games. Having an email list to inform the audience of new games, new handsets, or any other gaming equipment will enhance your cost per ad revenue.

5 Steps to starting a video game blog

  1. Planning

The best plan for creating a successful video gaming blog should focus on the reason for starting one in the first place. Some people are just passionate about video games while others want to grow a community following. Considering the specific video game type that one wants to blog about can also help you create an exciting blog. Other people may prefer blogging on gaming technology, hardware, or even the gaming industry. Identifying the target niche can make it easier for one to decide on their blog focus. Such factors will also help in finding an appropriate name for your blog.

  1. Domain name and Webhosting

It is advisable to adopt a domain name with the same name as the blog name. Consider also registering the blog name at to help build your brand and make it more recognizable. There are many online platforms such as Bluehost that one can buy a domain name, but you should consider the price and service you get from the service providers.

In choosing a web host, consider the scalability, reliability, and user-friendliness. Some of the best Webhosting companies are Hostgator, Bluehost, and DreamHost. For one to be successful in video gaming they should constantly post relevant content. Having an efficient web host ensures the smooth running of the blog.

  1. Install a content management system

To choose the best content management system, you should consider the following factors:

    • User-friendliness
    • Design and easy customization options
    • Add-ons and extensions
    • Data portability
    • Support options
    • Cost

Considering the above factors can help one identify the best CMS system for their video game blog. WordPress is free and offers more functionality to bloggers. Wix, Spotify, and Blogger are other CMS options you may consider.

  1. Video game Blog customization

One should customize the blog before launching it to ensure that it reflects the brand focus and appeals to the target audience. It is good to identify a custom theme for the video game blog. You may get inspiration from WordPress, Studio Press, or research online for gaming themes. Do not forget to install plugins for search engine optimization. Some relevant plugins to install for gaming blogs are the WP review, Yoast SEO, and Jetpack. Do not forget to brand the website with colors that match the brand logo. It is good to create appealing websites to attract more traffic. Invest in web design services to get it right.

  1. Post relevant content

To ensure that you are posting relevant and exciting content to your target niche, one should consider gaming news, game guides, and behind-the-scenes content. Focus on community insights and interviews regarding video games can help make your website more popular and increase followers.

These tips can help one create a successful gaming blog. Remember to launch the blog in style too. A simple way to popularize the blog is to invest in social media marketing, pin posts, and contribute to gaming communities’ platforms. You may also seek professional help from video gaming blog experts for insights, tips and to get information on current trends in the video game blogging industry.

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