July 24, 2020

VPN Free Trial — How to get one and why is it important?

How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you felt the need to access a restricted site, for which you had to look for a free VPN? Most people prefer using free VPN because it’s not very often that they have to access restricted WebPages. However, once they download them, they are prompted to sign up for a package. Now, that’s a bummer!

Many VPNs claim to provide free trials, but the truth is otherwise. A good number of VPNs offer very limited features in their free version and restrict users in terms of data and bandwidth, and it is not possible to test a service without having access to all of its features.

We have gathered information about some good VPNs that are offering the best free versions with money-back guarantees. You might have to pay upfront, but that is not a risk as you have the option to get a refund. Consider it as a trial that is free from all sorts of limitations.

Such types of guarantees allow you to test a VPN’s streaming, browsing, gaming, and torrenting abilities easily before you decide to mwake a long-term purchase.

Why Is VPN Free Trial Important?

Free trails enable you to test any VPN before you spend a bandwidth sum of money to make a long-term purchase. It basically helps you to decide whether or not this is what you have been looking for. Once you know that it suits your needs, you can purchase it without any further delay.

VPNs that offer the best kinds of free trials with access to all of their features and guarantees such as ‘refund’ allow you to try all security and safety features and see if they are cent-percent risk-free.

While in the trial period, you can see if a certain VPN has its servers in the right locations, speed is satisfying and according to your requirements, and of course, whether or not it unblocks the content that you want to access.

Bear in mind that some of the VPN with free trial versions limit their usage. Your bandwidth is restricted to remain under a certain range. Also, they allow you to connect to less number of servers and also block most of their features. It is unfair to users as not many people are willing to purchase a product or service without testing it first with all of its best features.

It is just like a cake that a baker claims to be the sweetest and yummiest among all, but you are not allowed to taste it, but only believe the baker’s words unless you pay a good price for buying the whole cake.

Here Is A Quick Guide On Getting And Using VPN Free Trial

  • Go for a VPN that offers a free version (free trial for a certain number of days) or some type of guarantee, such as a money-back guarantee.
  • See the instruction given for activating your free version or money-back guarantee.
  • Test your VPN, and see if it fits your needs.

Best VPNs with Free Trials

Here Is A List Of Some Best VPNs With Free Trials

If you have been disappointed by some VPNs who are different in actuality than what they claimed for, you do not have to worry at all. Here we have a list of VPNs that offer the best speed, security, reliability, and a good range of features.


Main Features

  • Thirty-day money-back guarantee
  • 5,390 total number of servers in sixty-two countries
  • Removes geo-locks and various other limitations
  • Strong encryption and a malware blocker that is built-in
  • Connects to six simultaneous devices
  • Supports Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, iPlayer, BBC, HBO, iOS, Android, Windows
  • Works with Android, routers, Firefox, Linux, Chrome, macOS, iOS, Windows

NordVPN takes the lead among all because of its large global network, fast network speeds, reliability, and premium security features. It is not completely free, but it offers unrestricted access to its amazing feature for thirty-days with a money-back guarantee. The good news is that you can ask for a refund to customer support any time and you will receive a full refund without having to answer loads of questions.

You are allowed to try all premium features of NordVPN free of cost for up to seven days on Android and iOS devices. However, NordVPN’s free version is not always active; it can only be used on mobile devices.

Having a wide global network of about 5,390 servers spread across sixty-two countries, NordVPN is completely reliable for accessing the content that is blocked. It can easily access over four hundred different services, which means limitless content.

It offers amazing speed on both long-distance and local servers. NordVPN is known for providing its users with unlimited data and bandwidth so that they can stream as much as they want throughout the free-trial.

Torrenting with NordVPN is a matter of just one click; credit goes to P2P servers line-up specialty for such prompt file sharing.

The AES 256-bit encryption is unbeatable, and due to this, it has become impossible for snoops and hackers to get in and steal your data. NordVPN’s no-log policy allows you to browse, torrent, and stream without having to worry about your info and activity log being stored on the server.

You also have access to leak-proof apps and a kill switch that keeps your IP address from being exposed and protects all your identifying data. With NordVPN, you are enabled to protect six mobile devices at one time. The easy to use applications are compatible with a good range of operating systems and platforms. You can also contact customer support whenever you need help as they are available 24/7.


Main features

  • Access to all premium features for thirty-days with a money-back guarantee
  • Three thousand servers across ninety-four countries
  • Beats geo-restrictions also those imposed in China
  • Data encryption of military-grade to offer you the best data protection
  • Easy file sharing via P2P-friendly servers
  • Five simultaneous connections
  • Supports Amazon Prime Video, iPlayer, BBC, HBO, iOS, Android, Windows
  • Works with routers. Firefox, Linux, Chrome, macOS, iOS, Android, Windows

ExpressVPN offers incredibly fast speed, wide global network, and amazing unblocking throughout the money-back guarantee period, which is thirty days.

It has a network of three thousand servers in ninety-four countries and lets users unblock numerous streaming services across the globe.

With ExpressVPN, you can easily access CBS, HBO, BBC, Sling TV, Amazon Prime Video, ESPN, and so much more.

Even the countries that have strong censorship can not compete with ExpressVPN unblocking. For example, breaking the tough firewall of China is possible using ExpressVPN to stream the content that is restricted by the government.

ExpressVPN offers amazing download speeds that go beyond 5Mbps, i.e., speed required for HD streaming and 25 Mbps i.e., speed required for Ultra HD streaming.

The built-in speed testing for Windows and Mac devices removes the need for guesswork for finding the server with the fastest speed.

You have access to unlimited bandwidth and data, so you are allowed to browse, torrent, stream as much as you want during your trial period.

The military-grade encryption provides robust safety and keeps your traffic from being monitored and intercepted even if you have connected to an unsafe public Wi-Fi network. All of these amazing things make ExpressVPN the best choice for Private and secure torrenting.

Moreover, all servers support P2P activity so you can easily download large files quickly.

The IP/DNS leak protection and automatic kill switch allow you to secure sensitive information such as your IP address.

The best part is that your data will be saved from unsafe hands, as ExpressVPN has a strong no-log policy. VPN’s Trusted Server technology keeps wiping all the servers frequently.

You can secure up to five devices at a single time. Moreover, you will get amazing device compatibility with the support of operating systems and a good number of devices.

If you need help with anything or you are confused about servers, you can get help from the ExpressVPN setup guide, or you can get in touch with the 24/7 customer service team for a prompt response.


Main features

  • Money-back guarantee for forty-five days
  • 6,4oo servers across ninety countries
  • Built-in malware, tracking, and ad blocker
  • Strong Encryption
  • No-logs policy
  • Seven connections at once
  • Supports Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, iPlayer, BBC, HBO, Disney+, Hulu

Works with routers, Firefox, Linux, Chrome, macOS, iOS, Android, Windows

CyberGhost appears to be the easiest VPN as it is easy to set up and offer user-friendly applications. However, it does not provide a fully free trial but it comes with a money-back guarantee.

You get the trial version for forty-five days if you subscribe for a term of six months or more. If you get a subscription for one month, you will get a money-back guarantee for only fourteen days.

It is only a matter of a few clicks, and you will have access to a wide range of networks of about 6,400 that are spread across ninety countries. You can connect to DAZAN, iPlayer, BBC, Disney+, Netflix, and many more European streaming services.

You will also get secure and safe p2p sharing as CyberGhost offers a torrent-optimized lineup of servers installed in eighty locations for hassle-free file sharing. You can easily download movies through various torrent clients in several locations.

For example, server speed in the UK is quite impressive, and also in Germany, the 35.65 Mbps download speed is more than enough for streaming 4k and Ultra HD movies.

Long-distance speeds are significantly less with Japan, Australia, and the US that are usually around 10 Mbps.

Streaming, gaming, and torrenting with the CyberGhost VPN is entirely anonymous, all thanks to AES 256-bit encryption. Also, the automatic kill switch and IP/DNS protection, and no-log policy secure your data from being leaked, exposed, or sold. Keep in mind that the automatic kill switch is not available on mobile devices.

You also have the availability of build-in malware, tracking, and ad blocker so that your devices are safe from unwanted and dangerous files. Also, the ad blocker provides the best user experience as it blocks all unnecessary ads providing you a smooth streaming service.

With CyberGhost subscription, you are allowed to connect seven devices at a time so all members of your house can experience the premium features on their devices before they decide to go for a long term purchase.

The customer support team at CyberGhost VPN is helpful and responds to you promptly. Also, if you ask for a refund, they will do it without making it hard for you to explain why you want a refund.


Main features

  • Seven day trial period for mobile device users
  • Money-back guarantee for thirty days
  • 1040 servers across sixty-one countries
  • Unlimited devise connections
  • Strong encryption
  • Advanced safety and security features
  • P2P support across all servers
  • Supports CBS all access, iPlayer, BBC, HBO, Disney+, Hulu, Netflix
  • Works with routers, Firefox, Linux, Chrome, macOS, iOS, Android, Windows

Surfshark VPN provides a money-back guarantee for thirty days, and if you are looking for an entirely free version, you have to put in some extra efforts.

You have to download its mobile application using the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Get done with the sign-up process; once you are done, you can login and start using your free trial for seven days.

You can Surfshark on unlimited devices. It can be used with a different number of platforms. which means that every member of your house can enjoy using it at the same time.

You can also access all government restricted content in China using Surfshark’s no-borders mode. Also, geo-locks can be easily beaten by the VPN.

The 30Mbps download speed makes it a good option for streaming HD and Ultra HD movies. You will not have any issues such as buffering etc. Gaming, streaming, and torrenting is seamless and fast with Surfshark VPN.

All of the servers support P2P credit goes to the CleanWeb technology of Surfshark. Enjoy downloading and uploading heavy files to ad-heavy torrent sites without worrying about annoying pop-up ads.

Activating Camouflage mode enables you to make use of obfuscated servers in order to prevent your anti-VPN and ISP technology from finding out that you are using any sort of VPN. This can be extremely helpful if using a VPN in your country is restricted.

The Bottom Line

VPN free trials do not always offer what you expect or what they claim to provide. However, using a VPN with a money-back guarantee can save you from risking a large sum of your money. Try using one of the above VPNs so as to have a great user experience, with a peace of mind that your money isn’t going anywhere!

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