May 29, 2015

Download Google Photos App for iOS and Android which offers Unlimited Storage of Photos

Google has announced an update to its Android application Photos which brings free, unlimited cloud storage of high quality photos and HD videos, along with new organisation features. The new Photos app organises photos in a similar way to Apple’s iOS app of the same name. Images are ordered chronologically and can be found quickly by searching by day, month or year. The Google Photos app can scan your photo library and offer to delete similar photos for you, potentially freeing up tons of storage space on your phone. In order to take advantage of the new features of Google’s Photos service, you will need to download the application that has just been released in Google Play Store.

Google Photos App for iOS and Android

The new service, which has “graduated” from Google+, now offers unlimited storage of photos up to 16 megapixels and video shot in 1080p. You can also store higher-resolution imagery in Google Photos, though it will count against the 15 GB of free storage you get with your Google account.

Google Photos offers a home for all your photos sorted by the time the photos were taken, or when the images were saved. You can edit your photos when you need with the tap of a finger. You can share multiple photos instantly with shareable links.

download Google Photos

To select many photos at once, instead of tapping each individually, you can tap and hold on one, then drag down the screen to select many rows of images at a time. From here, you can tap the ‘get a link’ option and send the link to a friend.

Download Google Photos App for iOS and Android:

Google Photos is a cross-platform with access from the web for computers and a native app for Android and even iOS. You can download Photos App fro the link provided below.

Android Users – Download Photos App

iOS Users – Download Google Photos App

It’s worth noting that Google’s unlimited storage offer only extends to files of a certain quality. Google uses an algorithm to compress it down, making it look just as good with a smaller file size.

But if you’re a professional photographer with gigantic, ultra-sized photos, and you want to keep them that size, Google is going to count it against your Google Drive storage limit. No free unlimited storage for you. Google Drive costs $10/month for an additional terabyte of data, so it’s still affordable for most.

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