September 11, 2021

Want a Personal Powder Room? Here’s What You Should Know

Many may assume that accommodating a personal powder room in a house or mansion is a hard and tiresome process. They may even go ahead and question if it is actually a necessity. We are here to snap away these second thoughts and bring you some information that you must know in case you are looking to get your own powder room.

Without further ado, let us take a look at what to expect from a personal powder room. But before that, let us answer a simple question.

What is a Powder Room?

A powder room is a semi-bathroom that can be found on the main floor of a residential property. It is commonly used by guests who may not wish to go to the main bathroom at a different location in the house. It can be accessed easily and comes with a sink and a toilet.

The term Powder Room was coined way back in the 1920s. It came about to replace the word “Restroom” as it was considered quite improper for a woman to say it out loud. So whenever a woman had to use the bathroom, she would excuse herself and state that she would be using the restroom instead.

Advantages of a Powder Room

Easy access to guests

Many times, the houses that are huge have the master bathroom at odd ends, making it hard for the guests to access them. In fact, sometimes it is located in the Master bedroom, which not all individuals would be comfortable with their guests accessing.

A powder room comes to their rescue as it is usually located at prime locations. It also helps maintain the privacy of the residents of the house.

Functions as an extra bathroom

When the number of residents in a home is plenty, accessing a bathroom may prove to be quite a hassle, especially during busy mornings.

The powder room comes to the rescue yet again for those who need to use one immediately. The more the number of powder rooms, the lesser the traffic accumulated at the other bathrooms of the house.

Takes up small space

A powder room can fit anywhere in the house. All that is required is a good interior decorator as well as a great floor plan.

Increases property value

What many may not be aware of is the fact that adding a powder room to a house not only increases the beauty of the house, but also the value. If and when a house is being sold, an extra room in it helps the owner sell it for a higher price. The larger the number of powder rooms, the higher the price the house can be sold at.

Planning of a Personal Powder room

If you are looking to get your own powder room, its basic structure and planning must be looked into. Here are some pointers to look out for while getting your personal powder room ready.

Plumbing connections

The plumbing connection is usually attached to a system that connects to the bathrooms of the rest of the house. Ensure that the powder room is connected to the current system instead of establishing a new connection.

Powder Room Floor Area

A powder room is not one that requires a lot of space and hence it is important to ensure that it is no more than 3-4 feet in width and 8 feet in length. This provides enough comfort to anyone using it.

Electrical connections and ventilation

The electrical connections from this room require a GFCI or a ground fault circuit interrupter outlet to function. As for the ventilation, the presence of an exhaust vent or a window does the trick.

Tips to enhance your Personal Powder Room

Now since we know the basics of a powder room, let us look into a few tips on how you can personalize and glamourize it.

Basic interior decor

One of the first steps to be taken while decorating your powder room is to bring in the basics necessities. They include items such as attractive wallpaper, bespoke tapware, and so on.

While working on the interior decor, ensure that there is a wide variety of mirrors installed all across the powder room. This will help enhance the look of the room.

Great light fittings are another aspect that must be looked into. Lights of different colors can be used based on one’s choice of aesthetic. A digital addressable led strip is quite a trending item that is used when it comes to lighting.

Personal touch

The personal touch given to the powder room is what actually gives life to this entire chamber. This again depends on what the individual likes, may it be a plain pastel look or one that gives out chic Mediterranean vibes.

The most common item that many add to their powder room is a potted plant. It improves the overall look of the powder room. Many also add a fancy soap dish to improve the vibe for anyone visiting the room.

Restock amenities regularly

Let us not forget the basic purpose of the powder room. This is the place where a stock of basic toiletries and other essentials is required. It is important to ensure that the stock of items such as soaps, hand towels, lotions, and creams does not run out.

Customization of toiletries is also another factor that can enhance the decor. The most common form of customization that most individuals indulge in is personalized hand towels.

Guests are most likely to visit this room at least once so it’s best to leave a great lasting impression on them by making their trip to it as comfortable and pleasing as possible.


Introducing a powder room to a residence may seem like a burden but is definitely worth it in the long run. Following the planning and construction of this room, the decor is also mandatory to look into.

Hope our information was useful and good luck with your personal powder room!

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