January 17, 2019

How To Share Data On Airtel (Prepaid) To Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, Jio

How To Share Data On Airtel (Prepaid) To Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, Jio – Sweet and simple, in this step by step tutorial, let’s learn the basics of sharing the internet data first. First of all, you will need to create the wi-fi hotspot on your android phone. To do that, just tap of Settings>More>Tethering & portable Hotspot>Turn on Wi-Fi Hotspot.How To Share Data On Airtel

Now, first of all, you must create a password because it is open source, and, through this, anyone will be able to connect to your WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) is the Hotspot is not password protected. To do that, tap on settings, Set Up Wifi Hotspot. Then tab on Security and select WPA2 PSK and click on show password.

Now set your own password and hit the Save button. Edit the hardest possible password and make sure to save it somewhere. Now on your next mobile phone, just turn on the Wi-Fi. As soon as you turn the WiFi on, you will notice that the list of all the connections having Tethering Hotspot on will appear. Just remember the name of your previous phone Hotspot sharing and tap on it on the new phone. Enter the same password here and connect it.

Through this method, it is the easiest possible way to share the internet between two devices. Similarly, for any network operator in India or (foreign countries), the Wi-Fi Hotspot can be created and data can be shared between the mobiles. Irrespective of the fact that which company SIM you are using or which company SIM/Data is used by your partner mobile. 

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How To Share Data On Airtel (Prepaid) To Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, Jio

This is not enough, there is something more you must learn about Mobile and Laptop/ Personal Computer and Data Sharing. For example, here’s what you must know about Windows 7 Wifi Hotspot to clear all your related doubts. How to create Wi-Fi hotspot in Windows 7 without any software. 

This wi-fi Hotspot will help you share your internet connection data with your family members, friends, office, homes and meetings etc. With the help f this Hotspot you can share the internet connection of your laptop with other wireless devices like tablets, smartphones and even other laptops also.

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Let’s discuss the prerequisites or activities we are going to perform on our windows 7 laptop. To create Wi-fi hotspot on your laptop you need two network interface cards or simply network cards. Usually, laptops have one wire and one wireless network adaptors. You must have a working internet connection connected to a wired network card.

Here you can also use USB data card or dongle for internet connection. The second one – that is wireless card will be used to connect the other networking devices like tablets and smartphones after the creation of hotspot. In this guide on ALLTECHBUZZ media, we will also create a Microsoft virtual wi-fi adaptor.

To create Microsoft virtual wi-fi mini port adaptor we will use a net asset command with different options contacts or parameters in administrator command prompt of your laptop. The first command is displayed below and it is – netsh WLAN set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=ATB key=ATB12345. 

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Here, SSID is the name of your wireless network. Key is the password used by other users to connect their devices to this wi-fi Hotspot. Use some unique name as an SSID name and configure some strong network key or password. This command will create a Wi-Fi hotspot, but it will not start working automatically. To start Wi-Fi hotspot, you need to type another command and that is netsh wlan start hostednetwork from the administrator command prompt of your laptop.

After the successful completion of these commands, we will have to share the internet connection of wired network or USB data card or dongle whichever you are using in your Setup with the Wi-Fi network or hotspot. After discussing prerequisites and the activities we are going to perform in this guide of ALLTECHBUZZ media, let’s move to our windows 7 laptop to create Wi-Fi Hotspot. I am on my laptop and Windows 7 is installed on it.

Here to see the properties of network cards, we will open the network and sharing centre. To open network and sharing centre, just click on the Signal Strength icon here. This will show all the available wireless networks in the range of this laptop. Here, I click on open network and sharing centre. 

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You can also open this by right-clicking on the network icon here. And from the context menu, selecting the properties or from the control panel, selecting network and internet option and in it, select network and sharing centre, to open it.

To see all network connections of this laptop, I click on network connection at present all connections are in this connected state. I connect Ethernet cable with an ethernet connection and now it is in the connected state. This laptop is having access to the internet through this wired or ethernet connection.

Let’s check it. Open any web browser like Google Chrome, type address of any website like www.google.com search engine page or home page of that particular website opens in front of you means the internet connection is working. Now to create Wi-Fi hotspot on this laptop, we have to run net asset command in administrator command prompt. To open it, I click on the start button, click on all programmes. 

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From all programmes, click on accessories and in accessories, a right click on command prompt from the context menu, click on run as Administrator. If it asks for confirmation, click on Yes button to open the administrator command prompt. Now we type the commands discussed earlier in this Guide of ALLTECHBUZZ media – netsh wlan and then question marks and hit the enter key.

This helps you show all the available command options. Before you set a hosted network or hotspot, typeset with netsh wlan command. Again you can type and enter question mark for more help, now you can see command related to the hotspot. And, that is set <space> hostednetwork.

Just press the up arrow key and instead of a question mark now, type hosted network. For help again type Question Mark and press enter. Now you will be able to see the commands of options that can be used with set hostednetwork command. That is, mode = allow, SSID = SSID 1 and Key=Passphrase. 

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Let’s type them on by one, the mode is equal to allow <space> SSID is equal to ATB <space> Key is equal to ATB12345 and press enter key. Next step is to type CLS to clear the screen and type the second command to start the hotspot. Type the second command now to start the hotspot.

As already told, the command is same. All you need to type is netsh then a question mark. Then wlan, then again type question mark for help. There is an option of start in help. Type start and again a question mark. And, now you can see that there is only one command and that is start hostednetwork.

So the full command is – netsh <space> wlan <space> start <space> hostednetwork and press the enter key. See the messages that hosted network started now. I will minimized command prompt from windows and in network connection, you can see that wireless network connection – that is, Microsoft virtual Wi-Fi mini port adapter is now in the connected state. 

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You can also change its name like Wi-Fi Hotspot. So that, you can easily identify it in the meantime let’s perform the step two that is – share the internet connection of wired or ethernet connection.

For this, right click local area connection, but before this, I show you that the name of our SSID. That is – ATB appears here on Wi-Fi hotspot or Microsoft Wi-Fi Miniport Adaptor. Now I again right click on Local Area Connection and select properties from the context menu.

Click on the sharing tab, in-home network connection, drop down the list of internet connection sharing, just select the Wi-Fi hotspot connection. After this, select allow other network users to connect through this computers internet connection option. 

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Click on OK button, now you can see mode changes. Here Ethernet connection is now shared one and SSID name of our hotspot appears in local area connection. Therefore, the task has been completed successfully. 

Now, people having keys or password of ATB Wi-fi hotspot can connect their devices like tablets, smartphones or laptops to this hosted network. In this guide on ATB official website, we have learnt the technique of turning a windows 7 laptop into Wi-Fi hotspot. 

To the more advanced level, let us see How to create a Mobile Hotspot Cell Smartphone (Android). This example will be considered keeping in mind that our team at ATB is using Samsung Galaxy S6 for this demonstration. 

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And, what we want to go ahead and do go begin with is go into settings. Now you might be able to go to settings differently, either from the drop down menu or from the settings tab, hardly matters. 

Now let’s go down a bit and select “About Phone” here and it will tell you the phone name. Like mine is Samsung-SM-G920V. Model Number – SM-G920V which is the Verizon version of the Galaxy S6. 

And, I am also using the Android Version 7.0. Alright, let’s go back to the home screen of settings and I’m going upto the top here. And click, on mobile hotspot and tethering. Yours may something similar and you might have to look for it. 

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Once I click on it, I want to go ahead and try to enable it and before it does enable, it gives me a little warning here. It tells me that my Wi-Fi will not be active. That it will be disconnected and that’s because you can only do in Hotspot on your Cellular service not n your Wi-Fi.

Now, once I clicked on the mobile hotspot, I can go into settings and by default, the SIMPSON S6 gave me a default name for the hotspot and a default password as well. Not if I want to go ahead and change that I can touch that and change the name of the hotspot to anything.

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