December 30, 2017

Watch This Developer ‘Make His Face Invisible’ With The Help of an iPhone X

Few people have a knack for perceiving and trying out things in a distinct way. For example, take the instance of Face ID in iPhone X. We know that the face tracking feature of iPhone X has a potential in games, cute features, and many useful apps. Now comes the creepy part. Kazuya Noshiro (@noshipu), a Japan-based game developer, has tweeted a preview of an app he is working on which features him with an invisible face except for his mouth and eyes.


In the 10-second clip posted by Noshiro, he moves his head with a camouflaged face which contains the background. He calls the trick as “optical camouflage,” and admitted that he has no clue what it can be used for.

“If you want to make your face transparent, we’re recruiting,” he said.

Noshiro demonstrated that he used Unity, a game development platform for developing this app. But he didn’t mention how the trick worked. However, a curious follower asked him if he fixed the camera to pre-record the background. To which he replied “Correct answer.”

“It is scary. I do not really know what it can be used for,” Noshiro said (translated) in the comments. Noshiro is the CEO of the company ViRD which creates games based on Virtual reality and Augmented Reality.

However, there’s no news on when the app will be released and the purpose and usage of the app yet.

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