January 3, 2015

Watch/Play Torrent Movies/Videos Online without Downloading-Streaming

Movies and Videos captivate everyone and most of the people employ various methods to watch the movie for free of cost and although few others watch the online videos and their collection paying out to them. Torrents have been a tricky and best source of the people who wish to watch movies for free of cost even though the process of watching a movie using torrent has been a tedious job as it involves downloading torrent and the movie every time where a vast section of people wish to watch the movie online rather than downloading which saves space on their hard disk and seems to be handy.

Utorrent has been an encyclopedic source of many utilities and applications such movies, software’s and games. Utorrent enables a user to download a media/data file to be downloaded from torrent sites which needs to be launched into app to start the download and can access the media/data file after downloading it. This was an outdated trick and method of watching out a movie or downloading a software and game while we have a new method of watching a movie without downloading it and watching it directly saving your data and time. Thus watch a torrent movie without downloading it directly. There are two methods which have been proven effective and they are as follow: –

Method 1: Watch Torrent Movies With Out Downloading

Watch a torrent movie without downloading it from the torrent and watch it online free by employing simple steps which have been illustrated below.

Step1: Install Ace Stream software which would assist you to watch torrent movies directly.

Step 2: To install Ace Stream visit the official website or CLICK here.

Step 3: Close all the web browsers and start installing the AceStream as during installation Ace Stream plugin gets added to the browser which interrupt you to restart the web browser thus we instructed you to close the web browser.

Accomplishing the task of downloading and installing the Ace Stream software might have left you with the questions now what are you supposed to watch the free online torrent movies without downloading? Here is a step by step process which would answer out your question of How to Watch Torrent Movies by Using This Ace Stream.

  • Visit the authority site of torrent and select the movie which you would like to watch.
  • Download the .torrent file for the movie you wishes to watch.
  • Important Step: Open Ace Player and open Media then open file.
  • Get navigated to my computer and then downloads in your PC/Laptop where all your downloaded files are stored.
  • Select the video or movie which you wished to watch free from torrents and which initiates its streaming in the Ace Player and availing the movie for the user to watch without downloading.

This was the first method to watch free torrent movie without downloading it directly saving most of the time and data of yours.

Method 2: Stream Torrent Movies With Out Downloading

Watch a torrent movie without downloading with this second method using Rox Player. Rox Player simplifies and reduces all complications of watching a video or movie as it was contrived to everyday usage. Rox Player supports and plays most of all the available modern video formats with very comfortable user interface. A single time download of Rox Player would address all your complications and problems of playing all local formats of video which are widely acceptable.

Step by Step Guide to Watch Free Online Torrent Movies Using Rox Player

  • Download Rox Player Software from the official website or else CLICK here.
  • Install the Rox Player completing all initial formalities.
  • Select the file or movie you wish to watch and open the torrent movie, torrent URL or torrent Magnet Link and copy the torrent URL.
  • Open the Rox Player and import Torrent URL and copy it in the Rox Player, this would start video streaming and enjoy watching free torrent movie.

Visit Acestream.org or Download Rox Player

We never had intentions to support and encourage piracy and illicit downloading of any web content. This post doesn’t endorse any part of Torrent while it is simply facilitated to addresses the issues faced by the people while watching a movie downloading them through torrent sites so as to save your data and time. If you have any other method comment and give your feedback below which would be helpful to anyone.

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