January 7, 2016

This Website Tells You Whether Your Face Is Attractive Or Ugly, And Also Guesses Your Age

It’s a scientific reality that society treats you great when your more attractive and charming. If strangers around you are perpetually captivating and always receptive when you converse it’s worth questioning yourself if you really are beautiful. Likewise, if strangers are usually crisp around you or don’t give you the time of day, you’re apparently ugly. Some of the people eager to flaunt their beauty in order to provoke admiration or envy and draw the attention of their beloved ones. Here is a website that tells you whether your face is captivating or ugly.

Scale your Attractiveness

Have you ever thought of a tool that could measure your beauty? Frankly, you don’t need a machine or a scale to tell you if you’re fat, likewise, you don’t need a website to tell you you’re ugly. As Pakalu Papito would rightly say, you simply have to look into the mirror. Still, if you have any doubts regarding your beauty, just ask your best friend. He’ll never lie because he is your best friend. Here is a website made by Zurich university where they used artificial intelligence to guess your attractiveness and your age.

Check out Whether your Face is Alluring or Ugly!

This website was developed from a team at Zurich university making use of Artificial intelligence that helps you in checking whether you are stunningly beautiful or not very impressive. This website is exemplary for all those selfie-obsessed, group of narcissists who get fervently ambitious and competitive when it comes to egotism or to ascertain which girl they desire to date is kind of the hottest. For checking out your result, all that you need to do is just follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Initially, visit the website. [Update: This website is no longer available.]

Step 2: As soon as you visit the website, you can view some photos of some people who looks in various expressions with different looks.

Step 3: Below the photos, you can find two buttons like ‘Try this Photo” and “Upload your Own”.

Step 4: Try this photo is like testing the appropriateness of this website. From the given sample photos, you can pick anyone and check how much they are attractive.

Step 5: As shown in the image shown above, you’ll obtain results such as your age and degree of your elegance.

Step 6: Now, try uploading your image to check your level of attractiveness.

Step 7: Just upload your photo and wait for it to process. After a couple of minutes, it will display the result showing you your attractiveness on the scale.

How to Find whether you are beautiful or ugly

Step 8: The scale shows the following: “Hmm.., Okay, Nice, Hot, Stunning, Godlike”.

Step 9: It also guesses your real age based on your face in the photo which you’ve uploaded.

How hot you are

Step 10: Just go ahead and figure out the hotness quotient yourself along with your friends and beloved ones. Sometimes it was pretty believable…

Guess your Age

Go ahead try it and tell us your results. You can share your results on your Facebook page and get more likes for your stunning photo. Let people know they are not alone!  😉

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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