June 24, 2023

What are the varieties of live casinos

The first live casinos began to appear on the Internet in the early 2010s and immediately attracted the attention of gamblers. A few years later, gambling with live dealers began to compete with traditional card and table games in online casinos.

The new type of entertainment to play casino Vulkan Bet is still far from the popularity of video slots. Still, the live casino can offer players a fundamentally different approach to online gambling. The secret to a live casino’s success lies in combining old traditions with high technology.

What is a modern live casino?

A live casino is a virtual gambling establishment or a section in an online casino where a real croupier conducts all gambling. The operator equips a small studio with a table for roulette, poker, or other games, a dealer, and technical staff.

Gamblers sit on the other side of the screen, watching the broadcast in real-time using a laptop or desktop computer. Some developers also release apps for iOS and Android so that users can access live casinos using a smartphone.

How familiar games have changed with the Internet

Live games have changed a lot since their inception. For example, we can choose from different modes of blackjack, classic or modern. In a live casino, there are many blackjack tables, some of which can be played completely differently.

The blackjack tables also have different limits and minimum bets, so you can find a table that suits your budget. Before you start playing, you should familiarise yourself with the rules of the table, as some variants of Blackjack do not allow you to do everything that is allowed in the regular version.


Pantone is a variant of classic blackjack. It was originally played in France with 52 hands. Today, however, a 32-handed variant is also common.

The rules of Pontoon are almost the same as those of Classic Blackjack, with a few exceptions or changes. For example, the dealer places one card face up and the other face down.

Real Money

Blackjack can be played in different variants on a computer or via an app for free or real money. The difference is that real money bets pay out real winnings. In addition, the first deposit usually comes with an attractive bonus.

Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack offers a complete playing experience, and visiting Vulkanbet live casino site. A webcam and software are combined to create a blackjack game. A human banker deals the cards, and you watch and react to the situation at the table.

High roller

High rollers have special requirements for online casinos. They are the highest paying customers and want to be treated accordingly.

High rollers also have special requirements for bonus offers. It is beneficial for them to have the maximum bonus amount as high as possible, even if this requires correspondingly large deposits.

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