June 8, 2020

What Is Android Auto, and Should You Use It Instead of a Regular Phone in Your Car?

Modern motorists are increasingly using Android smartphones and tablets while traveling around the city. It is an excellent companion in terms of GPS navigation, listening to audiobooks, voice commands, and other settings.

Most modern portable gadgets are much more powerful than any conventional system built into your car. It is especially true of old on-board computers in 2010 and earlier. But Android smartphones and tablets are far from the only option that modern motorists have. You can use Android Auto as a full-fledged analog. Want to know what it is and how to use it? Let’s check this out.

What Is Android Auto?

Android Auto is a central operating system in a mini-computer on the head unit in modern cars. The mass distribution of this operating system began in 2017. It is an adapted operating system that can connect to your smartphone and synchronize various contacts. For example, you can sync the GPS navigator and set new routes using bookmarks or voice commands.

Also, any driver can use voice commands to call phone numbers, send SMS, or receive certain information. It is a full-fledged interface that resembles a smartwatch in its functionality. It is worth noting that many modern cars are equipped with this system. There are three options you can use to set Android Auto in your vehicle:

  • Buy a car with built-in Android Auto:
  • Purchase the head unit in any car shop;
  • Use your phone.

The first option is the highest priority if you are not already the owner of a car with Android Auto. In this case, you will receive a vehicle with a built-in system that can synchronize with your smartphone. But there are several nuances. If you already own a car, then buying a new sedan or hatchback just for the sake of this option would be counterintuitive. It is an extra waste of time and money that pays off only if you want it. The second option with the purchase of a separate system is a higher priority.

Many embedded units can correctly synchronize with your smartphone. It is a more affordable option that allows you to rely on all Android Auto options. It is also worth mentioning the third option, namely the application on your smartphone. Not so long ago, Google announced Android Auto on smartphones. It is worth noting that this operating system is not an independent link between you and various Media functions. It is just the interface to which you connect your phone.

The synchronization process takes place using a USB cable and a Bluetooth connection. While connecting to the on-board system, your smartphone becomes inaccessible. Instead, you can make calls, surf the web, and listen to music using the on-board system. You can also set up GPS navigation and get an accessible route. You can compare this system with a smartwatch, which also requires a full connection to your smartphone to use all the functions.

Where Android Auto Falls Short

Of course, Google Auto has some disadvantages. First of all, this concerns some problems with voice control. By default, the system does not always correctly perceive complex questions about the inclusion of a radio station or certain streaming services. The search algorithm of the system stops at the primary function that allows you to turn on the radio, a specific playlist, or additional settings. It is worth noting that voice recognition works with varying success, which is not always pleasing for a long trip.

Also, many people may face the main problem in the face of value. A rack unit can cost you at least $ 500. It is the basic version that does not take into account the amount for the installation. In the end, you will have to pay about $ 800 for the basic configuration and installation process. New models with a high-quality IPS screen will cost you $ 1,000 or more. It is worth noting that this is a rather expensive toy that will not always pleasantly affect the family budget. You should include Android Auto in your wishlist if you are choosing a new car. Otherwise, such waste may be too frivolous for you.

Android Auto on Your Phone

Using a smartphone with the installed Android Auto program is a suitable replacement for the standard device in your car. You can make a try and get it on your smartphone. If for some reason android auto won’t connect to your device – try to download it directly from the previous link. Also, you can visit APK repository and find some other apps, which develops especially for Android Auto.

In particular, you get the same display with an interface and full functionality. The only difference can only be the diagonal of the screen. As a rule, smartphones rarely exceed 6 inches. If you are ready to put up with smaller elements during GPS navigation, then this will not be a problem for you. The smartphone allows you to recognize commands more accurately and can work faster than a regular device.

You only need to recharge your smartphone during long trips. You should also take into account the nuance of a possible overheating of the smartphone. The fact is that fast charging through the adapter can overheat your device, and it will work more slowly. You should also consider the possibility of overheating from sunlight. If you travel in the summer or live in a hot climate, you should take care to design the proper cooling for your smartphone.

What is Better?

You should make the final choice based on your personal preferences. If you are going to buy a car, then you can easily choose a model with a built-in Android Auto. In all other cases, you can use your smartphone or tablet. It is a free alternative that supports almost all the declared functions. Buying a single unit for $1,000 or more is more an option than a real need. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to several inconveniences when using a regular smartphone.

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