June 17, 2022

What Is The Best Automated Crypto Trading Platform

When you work with digital assets, it is very important to automate this process – it will increase the income of your results by several times. We will tell you how to automate crypto trading and what to look for when choosing a trading site.

What is a trading platform? 

Today, everyone knows what digital assets and bitcoin are. However, few people have heard that there are special trading sites that allow you to make deals with various digital assets.

Before explaining what it is, we should give a concept of what is automated crypto trading. In very simple words, it is trading almost without the participation of a speculator, an automated process of opening and closing a deal based on a certain algorithm with the help of software.

A trading site is a program that does this. It automates almost all operations that can be performed on the stock market and also allows you to implement various trading methods.

How to choose a trading platform?

There are a huge number of platforms on the Internet that offer trading automation services. Among them are both deserving of your attention and those that should be avoided. There are also fraudulent projects that you’d better not get involved with. How to choose the best-automated crypto trading platform and what to pay attention to?

Trading volume per day. An important point to consider as it is directly proportional to your earning potential. The higher this indicator, the more reliable the site will be considered.

Payment methods. All trading platforms work differently. Some only support cryptocurrencies, while others allow the use of fiat money. The best option would be a platform that supports all money assets.

Numbers of trading pairs. The more choice of cryptocurrency pairs and trading combinations, the better. You do not have to work with each of them at all, but their presence at least gives credibility to the exchange.

Customer service. It is very likely that every user will have questions related to the work of the exchange, or will need to solve some problems. In addition, the quick response of technical support can sometimes play an important role in the successful completion of the transaction.

Examples of the such platforms


A fantastic website where you may make transactions using robots, copy trade, and use numerous tactics. The smart trading function and high-quality services have already attracted over 50000 users, and the number is growing. WunderTrade is appropriate for both novice and expert traders.

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Another service for automated trading. When visiting the site’s home page, the user sees a fairly clear interface and description of the functionality. The development team has focused on the features that can offer simplified trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. The site is translated into five languages.

The disadvantages of users include errors in the operation of some bots, but they occur infrequently.


Estonian engineers have created a worldwide cryptocurrency trading platform. Bitsgap comes with a suitable amount of tools such as a trading terminal, arbitrage, signals, a trading bot, and so on. The ability to use a single interface while working with many exchanges (Bitsgap supports 25) greatly simplifies trading.

The disadvantage of this platform can be considered a rather high price.

In conclusion, it should be said that whatever platform you choose, it will not trade for you. However, making your work easier and automating most routine operations is exactly what it is designed to do.

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