May 30, 2022

Interact Or Fiction: Why Asking Customers Directly For Their Thoughts Can Help You To Gain An Accurate Insight

As a business, every decision you make should have your customers in mind. Your ultimate goal is to attract and retain customers to allow your business to succeed. As a result, gaining feedback can give you a good idea of what your business is doing right and where it can improve. There are many ways to get to know your customers’ thoughts, but thanks to modern technology it is now easier than ever to ask them directly for feedback. The following reasons will show why asking your customers directly for their thoughts is an effective way for you to gain valuable insight into your product or service.

You can get ahead of any changing trends

The landscape of an industry can change at any time. From economic downturns to social changes, there are a number of factors that can influence consumer behavior. You can use market research to get an idea of any emerging trends that could change how your customers shop, but it is often easier to get a more accurate insight. By directly asking your customers for their thoughts, you may be able to get an idea of certain trends emerging beforehand, giving you time to adequately prepare for them.

You can get honest, unsolicited thoughts

Another benefit of directly asking customers for their thoughts is that you will more often than not get their honest opinion. Using market research or website analytics will give you a vague idea of what your customers are thinking, but by asking them directly you can get their honest thoughts on your business. These thoughts are often unsolicited, giving you an unfiltered view of your customers’ thoughts.

It will make your customers feel involved

Involving your customers in your business by offering them the chance to give direct feedback can make them feel more involved. This can create a sense of loyalty, and if a customer feels like they are part of the business then they’ll be more invested in its success, meaning they’re more likely to provide honest insight. To involve a customer in your business, consider setting up a social media community or running a webinar. This way, you can directly ask for their thoughts and make them feel more involved.

Get to know your customers, build loyalty

In order for your business to be successful, it’s a good idea to try and retain existing customers. By building up a loyal base of customers you’ll ensure that they’ll keep coming back to you regardless of anything that might happen. To build up a loyal base, it’s vital that you get to know your customers specifically. Knowing exactly what your customers want and giving it to them is a sure-fire way to build loyalty and asking them directly for their thoughts is the best way to gain an accurate insight into what they want.

While methods like market research and analytics can definitely be useful, asking your customers directly for their thoughts is often the best way to get an accurate insight into how best to serve them.

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Peter Hatch

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