June 17, 2020

What Is The Cheapest Prebuilt Gaming PC?

For five hundred dollars, you are not aiming to find the best PC on the market; you’re attempting to acquire an entry-level gaming PC that needs the least amount of upgrades for experiencing the newest launches with the 1080p resolution at sixty FPS.

Still, it is astonishing just how far the best gaming PC under five hundred dollars can really take you these days. In the procedure, there’re numerous things that you have to contemplate. If you can not afford expensive prebuilt gaming pc there are many Best Prebuilt Gaming PC Under 1000 which are really cheap and perform really well also


Having eight GB of RAM is the standard threshold for modern gaming. In fact, it is why you can find several desktops with at least that much. It denotes a RAM upgrade is not really essential with any of such builds.

Storage Space:

When it comes to the storage space, you’ve got two options: HDD or SSD. For the reason of this review, you do not have to acquaint much more than this: SSD is speedy but pricey, while HDD is slow but inexpensive. Ultimately, it’s less about which storage type you will make use of and more about how much you will utilize every since it is advisable to choose the hybrid storage system, one hundred and twenty GB SSD for the system files and one TB HDD for the personal files and games.

Graphics Card:

The graphics card is likely the first thing you will desire to upgrade on one of such rigs to get this from being just good to being best. The processors are able to handle average AAA games. However, the GPU upgrade ought to make an incredible difference. A three GB GTX 1060 ought to be sufficient for experiencing 1080p gaming with a sixty FPS average.


First and foremost, you desire a powerful processor. Why? Because the processor is the main key to future-proofing or making sure that you do not need to upgrade the PC anytime soon.

Here is why…

You can easily plug in the graphics card into pretty much any motherboard as long as the correct amount of voltage is supplied from its power supply. The processor, however, needs to be compatible with your motherboard. So if you desire to upgrade the CPU (central processing unit), it is likely that you’ll also need to upgrade the motherboard, which is more expensive. That is why you can find many systems in the market that come with powerful processors rather than the graphics cards.


Don’t forget, airflow is one of the most important things in keeping the PC’s temp down. Whenever possible, you desire to select a PC whose case has adequate room for the future upgrades, broadly saying, the bigger, the better. The LED lights and other aesthetics might advantage the eyes, but if it does not offer enough airflow for keeping your system cool, you are better off looking for another system that does.

To be honest, spending just five hundred dollars for a killer gaming PC denotes the final product is going to fall a bit short inevitably, but it’s adequate to provide you a solid base for future upgrades.

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