January 20, 2023

What Is Translation Software, and How Can It Help Your Business?

Translation software tools have brought forward major shifts in the word of business translation. They allow businesses to provide content to audiences around the world much more quickly, at a much lower price, and with much less effort than before, so they can remain competitive.

What used to take hours or even days, businesses can now complete in a matter of minutes, and it’s a fully automated process that happens in a broader linguistic context. This helps translators do their job more effectively and efficiently.

If you’re interested in using translation software to create content for a global audience, keep reading about their benefits.

What is translation software?

Translation software is an umbrella term for tools translators can use to transfer a text from one language to another. It’s designed to automate as many parts of the translation process as possible and, as a result, enables much faster translations while their quality remains high.

Moreover, translation software is great for centralizing data analysis and reporting, content delivery, and project management. All this means that businesses can use translation tools to support linguists with a transparent, effective, and streamlined translation process.

How can you use translation software?

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There are a number of features and use cases of translation tools, so let’s examine them carefully.

Keep the original form of translated documents

Translation software supports various file formats that are generally used for documents, which means that people working on translations don’t need to import and export the text manually. Let’s say you want to translate a document that was originally created in PowerPoint. You can just upload it into the translation tool, and it automatically shows the text for you to translate.

Likewise, you can export the translation in the same file format, which significantly simplifies the process for the designer or whoever is taking over the original file.

Integrated machine translation

With machine translation (MT), which is increasingly becoming part of translation software, you can automatically translate a text into the target language. However, the best approach is to use machine translation to translate the entire text and then have the translator edit it instead of translating from scratch. Needless to say, this saves resources and is warmly welcomed by businesses looking to cut costs.

Expand translation memories

When translation software translates a word, phrase, or bigger text segment, it automatically stores it for future use. Then, it shows suggestions from its database to the editor or translator working on documents with similar topics in the future. …

4 benefits of using translation software

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If a business plans to expand to the global market and wants to localize its content for different languages and audiences, it definitely needs to consider adding translation software to its arsenal of tools.

Here are the biggest benefits of using translation tools for business purposes.

Increased productivity

As we already mentioned, translation software saves previously translated words, phrases, and sentences in its database so it can later show that content as a suggestion. This allows the translator to practically just review the stored translation and make edits where necessary. This leaves them with more time to work on other projects and increases their productivity.

Better flexibility

If you’re working on many different translation projects or use different file formats, this software provides customizable and standard workflows you can change based on your needs. This, as well as the cloud feature, enables the team to be more flexible when it comes to when and where they work on a project while still keeping the workflow clear and effective.

Improved consistency

In case you have more translators working on the same project, this tool will give them the same term base and translation memory to work from, removing the risk of inconsistency.

Higher quality

It’s not uncommon for translation files to contain errors in the process of rendering or formatting. Needless to say, if these errors go unnoticed, they will mar your brand’s reputation.

Luckily, you can use translation software for the entire process, keeping files in their original form. Moreover, you can integrate your translation tool with your CMS to publish content seamlessly.

Time to translate

If you’re looking to go global with your business, you probably need to translate a number of manuals, websites, product descriptions, applications, and other content. Plus, in time, you’ll have to do this in different languages. It doesn’t take a genius to see that this software can bring your business a number of benefits if you use it efficiently.

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