August 22, 2019

What Makes a Good VPN?

There are so many incredible VPN options out there that it can be challenging to decide on one alone. Each has varying qualities and features which can be right for different people and situations. The five best VPN services based on extensive reviewing, according to, are ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, NordVPN, Surfshark, and PIA. They are highly ranked, and each boasts individual features that make them ideal options for those who frequently use VPNs. But what makes these VPNs so incredible, and from this excellent list, how do you choose which to use?

Here are a few features that constitute a great VPN, and which VPNs are an excellent choice based on what you value:

Has Many Server Options

So many VPNs are limited in server options. For instance, Windscribe only allows you to access 11. There are others that will enable you access to only 2 or 3. A good VPN should allow you access to thousands of servers. For instance, CyberGhost provides access to over 5,200 servers distributed in over 60 countries. NordVPN allows you access to over 5,000 servers. If having a wide array of servers is essential to you than these two options are your best bet.

Provides Safety Features

Safety and privacy are critical when you are using a VPN, especially when you do not want to be detected. PIA, or Private Internet Access, has a heavy focus on privacy and safety in order to protect the user. The advanced safety features allow you to download torrents that may be unavailable or unattainable without having to fear being fined.

Is Quick and Stable

There is nothing more irritating than connecting to a VPN server that significantly slows down our computer and the function of your work. ExpressVPN, a VPN that can be used on all devices, focuses mainly on establishing connections that are both fast and stable. The benefits of quick and stable connections are numerous, and often critical when it pertains to successfully using a VPN. For instance, it allows you to download torrents quickly, surf, and stream content fast and effectively. It also permits you to securely download files without worrying that your connection will break or be disrupted. Additionally, you can stream Netflix, which many other VPNs generally limit.


When you are looking for a VPN that fits your needs, it is necessary to understand your own skill level and experience. Are you new to using a VPN and value one that guides you through the process? Are you highly technologically savvy and prefer one that allows you to explore and expand a bit more? VPNs like PIA are more geared toward those who have extensive experience because it has a wide range of possibilities that may not be accessible to the unexperienced user. One of the more convenient and user-friendly options on this list is Surfshark, which is mainly geared with user-friendliness in mind. ExpressVPN, as well, is built with usability in mind and provides customer service that can be accessed around the clock if you are struggling to figure something out.

All providers mentioned above are solid, and since you trust a VPN provider with all your precious data, it’s crucial you chose a trustworthy party especially since there are some pretty bad VPNs available on the market which you should avoid at all cost.

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Anu Balam

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