August 22, 2020

What to Look for in a Dog Training Program

Dogs differ a lot from humans and thus have special needs. Their mode of communication is different from ours and what appears normal in their behavior is the exact opposite of what we want. Therefore, when you bring a puppy home, we ask them to change a lot about their natural existence. Not only we need to teach them how to live with humans but we also need to know what their needs are and try to accommodate them. This is what will enable peaceful coexistence with these furry friends of ours. To do that, you need a top training method.

Online dog training programs are one of the most effective ways to teach your dog good behaviors. A simple Google search will display lots of programs that all claim to be able to teach your pup. So how do you know which one is good and which one is garbage? In this article, we tell you how to choose the best dog training program.

Is it a Dog-friendly Training Program?

One of the hallmarks of a dog training program is to be dog-friendly. While most programs will claim to be dog-friendly, the truth of the matter is that they aren’t. A dog-friendly program will teach you to understand as well as meet the needs of dogs. It will foster human, kind, gentle, and effective training methods.

Brain Training for Dogs is one program that I usually recommend to my readers. It uses positive reinforcement and not punitive training methods. Under the program, you are supposed to reward your dog handsomely when it gets a command correct. This not only helps your dog to be more receptive to your teachings but also shortens the learning curve for the dog. It doesn’t use coercion or intimidation to teach your dog good behaviors.

Does it Have Mental Exercises?

Dogs not only need to work their bodies but also their brains. While most basic training lessons do not require a lot of physical exertion, leaving it to the dogs to figure out their exercises can be tiresome to even the most active pups.

Still referring to Brain Training for Dogs, I liked the fact that it comes with more than 20 games to stimulate your dog. These exercises will keep your pup engaged and hence stop it from boredom.

Learning at Your Dog’s Pace

One of the main drawbacks of dog training classes is that it doesn’t take into account the different learning abilities of dogs. Granted, your dog will not learn at the same rate as others and it’s important that your trainer understands this.

When you use good dog training programs, you can proceed with learning at your own pace. You don’t need to move at the speed of other dogs. You can dedicate an hour every evening to train your dog or even during weekends. You set your timetable and don’t have to fit into the schedules of others.

Does it Cover All Types of Training?

When it comes to training your dog, there are many types of things you want to learn. A good program will offer behavioral training that addresses issues like barking, housebreaking, chewing, and digging among other things. Obedience teaches your dog to be obedient to your commands while agility teaches pups to participate in jumping, sports, and obstacle courses; additionally, invest in pet health insurance to back up all this new training and to protect your pet and ensure care when he or she needs it.

A good program should be all-encompassing and address all the types of training that your dog needs.

Cost and Convenience Matter

The phrase that you get what you pay for is to some extent true in dog training. But more expensive isn’t always better. Instead of focusing entirely on the price of the program, look at other things like if it is dog-friendly, whether it has mentally stimulating exercises, and it is all-encompassing. Cost, just like looks, can be misleading.

Customer Reviews and Social Media

When you think you have found a good dog training program, go one step to check out its reviews from customers. Also, check their social media accounts to confirm that they find you’re program useful.

These programs will always have social media accounts where you can check to see the methods they are using. Check closely to ensure it doesn’t use methods like a collar.

Keeps Training Sessions Focused and Short

Younger dogs often have shorter attention spans. A good training program should offer several shorter sessions as opposed to one marathon training session. The best programs will limit a training session to between 1 and 10 minutes. The idea is to end a session before your pup loses focus.

Does it Make Training Fun?

A dog training program should make training enjoyable because that directly affects how productive the results will be. Some of the best training methods are games, hugging, and praising.

Such programs will recommend that you give your dog a command before it is allowed to do what it enjoys. For example, before you give it food, allow it to be petted by a stranger, or before you take it out for a walk, have it obey the sit command. A good program will not just use effective methods but also ones that are fun. This makes the training more likely to be fruitful while remaining enjoyable for both the dog and you the owner.


One of your most important responsibilities is to train your dog. A well-trained dog behaves better and is a joy to have because it obeys your commands. To get a good dog training program, it is important to do research and stick to the points we have raised here. But if you just want a good program that cuts the chase, we recommend you check out the Brain Training for Dogs program by Adrienne Faricelli. It is written by an avid dog lover and teaches you how to train your dog successfully without using force. Packed with lots of games, the guide even includes videos that take the guesswork out of training your pup.

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