February 3, 2022

What to look for when claiming a betting promo offer?

A betting promo offer refers to a bonus or promotion that is offered to the gambler by the betting site. Most betting promotions are offered to new users or existing ones to motivate them to continue using a certain betting site. Betting offers are available from the top betting websites in different forms.

Most betting companies use the betting promo to entice new customers into playing and they are used to reward veterans and increase their loyalty as customers. When claiming the best betting promotions one should be able to look for the free bet offer that is offered by the company, the matched deposits free bets, the validity of the bet among other promo offered by the company.

Know when the free bet is on offer

When claiming a betting promo offer, it is important to know when the site is providing a free bet. A free bet refers to a bet that is set for a specific amount of money when the bookmakers will make the stake. The bonus is provided as an opportunity that places a bet without posing any financial risk and will win the money if the gambler or the bettor is the winner.

The money or stake on offer depends or varies between the bookmakers and they normally match their first deposit with the bonus bet that is of equal value. Therefore, one should pay attention to the time limit that is applied to the free bets.

Know when the betting promo is valid

When claiming the betting promo, it is important to note the maturity date of the offer and the expiry date. Any given promo has a valid date within which it can be used. The best offer from the promotion can only be realized when it is still valid. On most betting portals, the bettor can only claim the betting promo within 7 days when the offer is valid.

Therefore, the gambler should keep tabs on the validity of the betting promo and use it while it is still valid. After the expiry of the validity, most betting sites will reject the promo offer. This means the bettor should pay attention to the time limits that apply to the free bets and use them while they are still valid.

You should check whether the promo offer is a free bet or a matched deposit

When claiming a betting promo offer, the gambler should check whether the promo is a free bet or it is matched deposit. For a matched deposit bonus, the bookmaker is required to match the amount of the first deposit with the free bet that is of the same value. This means that putting in such an offer can give you up to two times your deposit as the balance.

Such a promo can have the deposit bonus set at 50% of the initial bonus while in other times you can have the figure set at 100%. Therefore, you should be on the lookout for a deposit bonus and percentage to help you know the amount of return you will get from the stake. However, it is important to note that although a higher deposit amount may not be necessary, you should always bet on what you can manage to lose. Yet, this should not make you change your betting habits since some people tend to focus on obtaining certain free bet offers.

Look for Risk-Free Bet 

While it may be challenging to look for risk-free offers; however, you should always bear in mind that some betting companies provide these promos to gamblers particularly to new customers and occasionally to the existing ones. As a general rule of thumb, having access to a risk-free bonus enables the bettor to place a real money bet knowing that if they should lose the bet, they will receive the stake back as a free bet.

The gambler is required to trigger this bet through depositing and placing a certain level of bet for them to qualify. When the bet wins, the bettor will receive all the winnings. However, when the bettor loses, they are set to receive the value of their bet or the stake placed as a free bet. On various occasions, the bookmakers can offer the bettor money in cash as opposed to providing it as a free bet; this happens when the qualifying bet does not get to win. But, it is important to note that there are terms and conditions that apply to these bets. One such term is the restriction on your stake.

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