September 27, 2019

What You Need to Know: Your Choice of Wristwatch Reflects Your Character

The timepiece you wear can tell so much about you in terms of style, personality, and lifestyle due to being an accessory that makes the perfect statement piece. Although timepieces can reflect your character, that won’t necessarily mean that they connect with your conscientiousness.

Similar to the choice of your clothing, everything you wear as well as your approaches to different matters and actions can show others who you are a person. Your selection of wristwatches has a similar effect. However, it enhances and highlights the reflection of your character by making it clear to people about your values and things you deem essential.

Although we usually wear timepieces for aesthetics as well the to keep the traditional timekeeping essence of the watch. Watches are also the result of our aspirations and as a significant way to connect with people who share the same taste and interests as us.

Thus, here are the things you need to know of your choice of wristwatch that’s capable of reflecting your character.

The Minimalist Man

The type of wristwatches for minimalist men tend to have a clean, straightforward design incorporating muted color palettes covered with a lot of black or white. Wristwatches that don’t look overly flashy but still have the capability of being a statement piece worthy showing others how you value simplicity.

Flashy timepieces with extra features that can be seen externally can be useless for a minimalist man. Valuing the essence of a traditional timekeeping tool to help you keep track of hours and minutes is more important. However, that doesn’t mean that a minimalist man doesn’t want to look sharp and consistent.

The best type of wristwatch that pairs perfectly well with men of this category is the Nordgreen Philosopher. The Nordgreen Philosopher is a dress watch with a contemporary and sleek design that you can also wear for any attire. You can also interchange the strap to your liking if you find the original black leather strap doesn’t suit your style.

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The Tech-Savvy Man

Smartwatches packed with unique features to catch the interests of the people knowledgeable about the advancements of technologies we have today. Smartwatches are capable of connecting to our phones as a way to easily access the phone’s features such as text messages, calls, calendar, and more.

Despite being a smartwatch full of unique features, the essence timekeeping retains with the smartwatch. For non-tech-savvy men, it can be quite confusing to use the elements at first, while still overlooking almost all of the features. Thus, smartwatches are perfect for tech-savvy men who revolve their lives around technology.

Smartwatches such as Apple Watch Series 4 or Samsung Gear S3 Frontier can also act as a music player. Their ease of accessibility can help users listen to music without the need to take their phones out of their pockets.

The Thrill-Seeking Man

Men who love to take things to the extreme by always staying in the air more than on the ground are thrill-seekers. There are various pilot aviation wristwatches specialized to handle even the most extreme conditions or that have features capable of maximizing the potential of your flights.

Pilot aviation wristwatches are also highly functional to precisely help keep track of time without lacking in novel designs and unique styles. High-flying men also prefer to wear pilot aviation wristwatches because of the aviation-inspired features that make it look perfect around your wrist as you fly the aircraft.

Pilot aviation watches such as the Breitling Chronospace Evo Night Mission are incredibly durable, highly functional, and lost-lasting. The watch’s unique features allow you to keep up with the changing of timezones through its fast-action timezone change features powered by Breitling’s thermo-compensated quartz movement.

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The Active Lifestyle Man

Men who have an active lifestyle tend to go out for adventures and can never content with staying in one place for a long time. They are sporty but not in the essence of always running in the gym or working out like an ironman. But, most of these sports watches can endure other sports activities since athletes in the Olympics mostly wear them.

Sport-styled watches are incredibly durable and made for men who love to move around with style. Brands like Omega are known for their durable and stylish sports watches as well as their specialties with the Olympic Games watch collections.

Omega’s Seamaster Aqua Terra Pyeongchang 2018 incorporates the five colors of the Olympic Rings in its design. This watch also inscribed the word ‘Pyeongchang 2018’ in the 20th to 30th-minute mark with the 18 of the year 2018 correctly aligning the time indication.

Given that Omega is known for its Olympic Games timekeeping legacy, people with an active lifestyle can wear their watches without worry while still enjoying the thrill of sports. There are also other Omega sport watches capable of handling the harsh movements of sports such as the Omega Speedmaster or the Omega Seamaster.

The Luxury Man

Luxury men wear expensive watches to show their wealth as well as their accomplishments and success they’ve worked so hard to attain. Watches that are decadent and screams luxurious at first glance are the best type of wristwatches a luxury man can hope for.

The best features of luxury watches are such as the well-refined materials and timeless quality make them the best statement makers for any formal attires or any event at that. Luxury watch brands such as Rolex and Patek Philippe can undoubtedly please the interests and preferences of luxury men.

Rolex and Patek Phillipe watches also make great investment pieces because of their retention value. Following this, men who’d love to invest in items that they can also build memories with to form a deep sentimental value over time. They can never fail with having to wear watches from the two power luxury watch brands.


Our timepieces are connected to us because they provide us our desires for the features, design, and functionality that can significantly highlight our style. Keep in mind that there are more types of watches you can choose from. It also doesn’t mean that you’re specifically that type of man if you prefer watches under the categories shown above.

Everything will always be up to you in terms of the watch you wear and how you utilize the features of the watch to help you get through life without any problem. Timepieces are timeless. Thus, we should always consider our preferences and interests for us to value.

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