December 23, 2020

Why Brands Must Perform SEO in Bangkok to Compete

It is rare for a company in Bangkok to be the only one of its kind. In a city of over 14 million daily residents, there is stiff competition for business across all industries and niches. As a result, brands turn to digital marketing to reach new audiences and stand out amongst their competition. In Bangkok, SEO is not just a suggestion for brands to invest in; it is necessary for survival.

The necessity for strong SEO in Bangkok is a big reason why so many digital marketing agencies have sprouted up in the past decade. Brands can simply not afford to be passed over even if they offer a superior product or service. Putting yourself in the mind of a consumer, do you ever click past the first page on Google search results?

In this article, we will stress the importance of SEO and explain some of the ways you can improve your brand’s SEO strategies.

Why Perform SEO

As mentioned above, a consumer rarely clicks past the first page of search results when using a search engine.  Take a search engine like Google, for example. Each Google page offers ten organic search results in addition to a small but varying number of paid advertisements. Logically, a consumer will look at the first page and consider the companies listed to be the best option out of blind trust that Google would only show them the best of the best.

This is faulty logic, albeit ubiquitous. While it is ingenuine to ascertain a company or brand’s quality or value from their search engine page ranking, the page ranking highlights how much a company values SEO. Looping back to our earlier thoughts, in a highly populated city like Bangkok, SEO often will separate which brands get seen and which wither away unnoticed.

Improving Your SEO Practices

Search Engine Marketing includes processes like buying ads or paying for the top result on search engines. Any company can do this with the right budget, but if you are a small business without the resources to compete in this arena, focusing on strong SEO is your best bet.

Since SEO focuses on organically improving your page ranking, you need to understand each particular search engine’s algorithms. The simplest way to achieve SEO in Bangkok is through a digital marketing agency; however, if you wish to endeavor with in-house resources, there are a few key steps to take.

The most important would be to understand what your business’s keywords are. Once you have a list of keywords that you think consumers will search for, you need to ensure that your pages have these keywords on them.  A brand selling canned food will never get traffic if their home page doesn’t include the words “canned food”.

Another way to improve your ranking in the eyes of the search engine is to work with third parties and have them link back to your pages on their domains. The search engine will determine that your page must have value since it is being referenced. An example of this would be if a news website wrote a review of your restaurant and linked to your website for customers to visit.

These are just a few basic steps to take to improve your brand’s SEO; however, every little step matters tremendously.


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