December 18, 2020

Why Did My Plumbing Pipe Burst?

As an owner, the last thing that comes to your mind related to household glitches concerns pipes bursting in the drainage system. The splitting of a plumbing pipe leads to several numbers of problems, exposing you to high stress. It is for these reasons; you are required to take great care of your drainage system and prevent it from pipe bursting.

However, to prevent pipe bursting, you must know what causes it. Below, we have listed some common causes of why homeowners have to deal with such plumbing stress.

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Causes of Plumbing Pipe Bursting


If you live in one of the states where the temperature falls to the freezing point, you are already aware of the consequence. The water freezes and gets stuck in a certain place of the pipe. Sooner or later, the pressure rises, which results in the pipe bursting.

Well, one can avoid this situation with certain precautions. The prevention tip includes placing your taps on a drip. Additionally, you can pour the boiling water, which will prevent the water from freezing.

Roots Encroachment

Another reason that may lead to the bursting of a plumbing pipe is an invasion of tree roots. As the tree grows in height, the roots tend to go deeper into the soil. As a result, the roots will come in contact with one another and underground entities.

Additionally, in most cases, water pipes aren’t strong enough to tackle the situation. Thus, tree roots will keep pushing the pipe until they crack, upsetting the whole drainage system.

To prevent this, you are suggested not to grow trees around the plumbing system. But, in case if the tree is already planted, there isn’t much you can do. When you feel stuck with some problem, never doubt about looking for professional guidance. There are plenty of local repairmen ready to help you out. A great example of it is this Dallas plumber.


Corrosion is yet another significant reason behind the bursting of water pipes. It is because; pipes are made of steel. Thus, when the outer surface is exposed to water and moisture regularly, the pipes begin to corrode. The corrosion eventually leads to pipe rupture.

However, to avoid destruction, you are suggested to include copper and plastic pipes.

The Improper Layering Of Pipes

Plumbing work should always be carried out by a professional who is licensed and well-trained in this niche. In cases of inadequate layering, the bursting of the pipe is a common issue. Thus, to prevent this, always hire a professional team that is expert in their work.

Increase In Water Pressure

For the home drainage system, the pressure of the pipe suggested lies between 40 to 45 psi. Additionally, with the exception, it cannot exceed more than 60 psi. In case it happens, your plumbing pipe is likely to burst. Furthermore, an increase in water pressure is recorded due to several reasons. Regardless of whatever the reason, you are suggested to keep an eye on the water pressure level.

Clogging Of The Plumbing Pipe

Clogging of the pipe is yet another reason that contributes to pipe bursting. In case of clogging, pressure builds up in your pipe. Sooner or later, the pressure level will rise to such an extent, which results in the rupturing of a pipe.

Clogging of a pipe is occurs due to several reasons. Hence, be aware of things you are pouring down into your drain.

Ancient Drainage System

Everything around us has an expiration day. Hence, for a plumbing pipe, the limit depends on weather conditions and the quality or frequency of maintenance. As per the average data, the pipes begin to weaken after 20 years. Hence, if you reside in an old building or property, you are advised to replace or repair the plumbing system as soon as you can.

Your pipe can burst anytime due to the above-listed reasons. Therefore, to prevent the consequences, you must keep an eye on your plumbing. Additionally, if you come across one of these situations, you are advised to hire a professional drain cleaning service.

In conclusion, whenever they occur, damage repair should be done immediately to avoid a huge loss.

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