November 21, 2022

Why Do Players Like Blockchain Casinos And How It Works?

Cryptocurrencies continue to gain global attention and popularity. Digital currencies seem to have taken their place in the industry of online gaming. Crypto gambling isn’t new. It has been with us for decades. But now more than ever, we’re watching a rising number of gambling sites offering plenty of options. Just look at what they say about it at One of the payment methods they accept is cryptos. Stuck to high levels of security and anonymity, top online casinos with Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals have become a preferred choice for a majority of casino players all over the world. Interested in digging deeper into the operation of crypto-powered casinos? Just keep reading!

Things to know about the operation of blockchain casinos

Today, cryptocurrency turnover is lower when compared to fiat currencies. However, the query “Bitcoin casino” is one of the most frequently asked on Google. Which factors contribute to such a flurry of interest in the Bitcoin gambling trend? Let’s see!

This industry is always on the cutting edge of innovation. What impact did blockchain technology have on its evolution? What changes did it cause? Positive or negative? How will the gambling industry develop shortly? Here you can read about it and many other things regarding this matter.

Back in 2009, a group of friends researched to find the means for anonymous online purchases of goods. This idea led them to the invention of a decentralized digital currency. The pioneer of digital currency became Bitcoin.

The main advantage of blockchain technology is a high level of encryption. Each transaction is added to an immutable block of data – a digital public ledger – and then verified by a decentralized blockchain network. Transactions are made between crypto-wallets. That’s what prohibits the involvement of a third party. Therefore, it minimizes the risk of fraud and doesn’t require any commission for the transfer.

As you may have heard, all national currencies are backed by a state. On the contrary, cryptocurrencies are supported by the mentioned above decentralized ledger that records any & all transactions. This ledger is distributed through a large database with a large number of copies. The consequences are the following:

1. Anyone who has access to the network can verify the transaction

2. The history of Bitcoin is protected from illegal alterations, as any attempt to falsify a single block will affect all other blocks in the network.

The security and transparency of decentralized public records are attractive to many players. In Bitcoin gambling, blockchain technology is used at a very early stage. It allows automating payments by using smart contracts. It’s too early to say about the opening of online casinos that accept Bitcoin solely. It could limit operators with games that have also been developed on the basis of blockchain technology. On the other hand, more and more online casinos have started accepting gambling coins, i.e., payments in cryptocurrencies. They don’t want to miss the opportunity to reach a wider audience.

Jackpot City online casino Canada is an innovative gambling platform that accepts deposits in Bitcoins and guarantees the quickest withdrawal time possible.

The advantages of crypto casinos that make them attractive for operators and players

Operators open cryptocurrency casinos for various reasons. And players are flocking to them for a good reason as well!

For operators, the main value of crypto casinos is in the security, transparency, and popularity of cryptocurrencies among their target audience. The same reasons draw players to crypto casinos, but mostly they value anonymity, decentralization, and fast-track payments.

Furthermore, blockchain casinos often use smart contracts. Not only do they automate payments, but they also verify the game’s results automatically. For players, this is definitely a huge advantage.

The speed of withdrawals also matters. As most payment methods involve a third party, it might take hours or even days. Withdrawals in crypto are made wallet-to-wallet. Sometimes it takes just a few minutes.

The disadvantages of crypto casinos

First and foremost, there is very little legislation for casinos that accept Bitcoin. Gambling laws & rules usually focus on the following points:

• Transparency of the operator

• Combating the financing of terrorism

• Responsible gambling

• Anti-money laundering

• Fraud deterrence

However, due to the absolute anonymity of cryptocurrencies, governments see blockchain gambling as a source of potentially illicit funding and strive to apply more legislation in the future. However, we shouldn’t expect it to happen too soon.

Another downside is currency volatility. The ups and downs of the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies have tickled investors’ nerves in recent years. Such fluctuations in price add an element of unpredictability to gambling crypto sites operators’ balance sheets.

Nevertheless, the advantages of Bitcoin casinos far outweigh these disadvantages.

The prospective for the future

Considering the growth of the number of cryptocurrencies and their popularity, we can expect that new blockchain casinos will emerge like mushrooms after rain. As a rule, gambling platforms follow the preferences of players in the following aspects:

• the diversity of gambling content and numerous providers

• the quality of service

• compatibility with mobile devices

• the bonus system

But payment methods in casinos mentioned at remain the critical factor in the attraction and retention of players.

The future of igaming is crypto gambling, and it’s tied to Bitcoin and other cryptos as a means of deposit and payment. So, the demand for blockchain casinos will be significant in the long run!


Cryptocurrencies, namely Bitcoin, seem to have come a long way since being launched. Today, they continue to be attractive for some of the world’s leading software giants working in the casino industry. Mostly, it happens due to online casino sites. Unlike a few years ago, when online crypto casinos were unavailable to the general public, this isn’t the case today. Such sites pop us in leaps and bounds. Players around the globe can easily reach bitcoin gambling sites. The discretion they choose is the switch to crypto casino gaming as it offers them an excellent alternative to common online gambling.

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