April 19, 2022

Why do students buy research paper instead of writing it?

Research papers have led to multiple discussions about their effectiveness and necessity. Some people question such a task, claiming it is outdated and burdensome. Indeed, many students consider research papers extraordinarily complicated and time-consuming. Others, in turn, state that research paper writing is beneficial to learners because it improves their decision-making, critical, and analytical thinking abilities. Whom to believe in this dispute? Both parties have a point. Research papers indeed help students develop particular skills. But at the same time, they are demanding.

This dilemma has brought up one unusual solution: getting help from academic writing services. Unambiguous talks about research papers haven’t weeded them out from educational curricula. Learners are still assigned tasks that they often find ridiculous and unreasonably hard. Hence, many students ask, “Why should I struggle with them if I can buy research papers just by clicking https://buyessay.org/buy-research-paper.html?”

Let’s look more in-depth at the notion of research papers, reasons for buying them, and practical ways to complete the task.

Research paper: Definition

First of all, what is a research paper, and why do many students dislike it? A research paper is an article that aims to analyze a specific topic through research. That means using several sources to make sure the subject is revealed and explained by the author. The length of research papers ranges by the major, degree, and unique requirements. Typically, however, a research paper has up to ten pages.

Many students don’t find research papers their favorite task for a reason. Such an assignment is lengthy and challenging. Not only do learners have to generate seven to ten pages of content, but they also need to do profound research and play with sources to make the paper coherent and comprehensive. Students also dislike research papers because they are important; this task plays a considerable role in learners’ final grades, making research papers unavoidable.

What makes a high-quality research paper?

First and foremost, a good research paper meets the requirements set by the teacher. A student must reveal every question included in the prompt in full. Apart from that, a high-quality research paper includes essential sections, such as:

  • Title Page
  • Abstract
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Acknowledgments
  • References
  • Appendices

Every paragraph must be meaningful and connected. And finally, an A-deserving research paper must follow the proper formatting style. For example, social sciences use American Psychological Association (APA), humanities rely on Modern Language Association (MLA), and natural sciences rest upon the Chicago citation style. However, a citation style may vary, so it’s best to consult with the professor first.

Reasons that prevent students from writing research papers

Students have a hectic academic life packed with classes and responsibilities unrelated to academia. Suffice it to say, it would be best to deal with every assignment individually to be fully prepared for midterms and exams. But that’s impossible for multiple people. Why? Below are common reasons that often disallow students to complete research papers themselves:

  • Lack of time: Hefty schedules lead to insufficient time that hampers students’ abilities to deal with research papers individually.
  • Extracurricular interests: Many classes outside academia are more critical to students, so they often prefer them overwriting research papers.
  • More crucial assignments: It is no secret that students prioritize classes. If the research paper isn’t a high-priority task, the chances are learners will buy it.
  • Upcoming tests: Tests are usually more important than home assignments, including research essays, so students decide to cram for exams rather than writing papers.
  • Inadequate expertise: It is not uncommon for students to lack knowledge in certain subjects. If they feel they can’t handle a research essay, they will order it.

Is it possible to write a research paper?

Writing a research paper might be an arduous task, but it doesn’t mean you can’t write it independently. Like any writing assignment, a research essay is doable and requires completing a specific set of steps to make sure your work ends up comprehensive and mind-bending.

Practical tips for completing the task

If you have decided to give it a try and compose a research paper, the following practical tips will come in handy.

Understand the research question: Learn the question before anything else. It will allow you to avoid vagueness and enhance cohesiveness.

Plan your writing strategy and start in advance: It’s best to start working on the task as soon as possible. Don’t put your research paper in a drawer and approach it right before the due date. Break down the essay into several units and plan your writing.

Do the research and collect sources: Meticulous research requires time and effort, so be

ready for this lengthy process. Also, remember to mark pages with citations; it will help you quickly return to sources.

Create an outline: Create a layout of your essay and sum up every section. This way, you will manage to maintain a high writing flow.

Write the most straightforward sections first: You may want to deal with the most manageable sections first, such as the body part (results and discussion), to speed up your writing and boost productivity.

Pay close attention to the format and citations: As said earlier, a strictly met citation style is a must, so ensure your paper falls under the required format and follows it entirely.

Let others screen your work before handing it in: Checking personal manuscripts, you can miss some mistakes that could negatively impact your grade. It would be excellent to ask your colleagues or friends to go through the piece and point out errors or fragments that sound unnatural.

Final words on writing a research paper from scratch

There is no denying that research papers are more complex than other academic assignments. Besides their word count, they require using many sources at once to compose a good piece, so students try to omit this task at all costs. But let us be clear: writing a research paper is doable if you know what to do step-by-step. The mentioned guide sheds light on research paper writing and provides tips to help you handle this undertaking yourself.

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