June 23, 2020

Why I Choose RecordAnyVid?

I am an educator, having tried to carry out my online tutoring to more people so as to help them study more flexibly and conveniently by overcoming the obstacles caused by space and time like Interstellar did (has been over-exaggerated I know). This seems to be a trend as the soar of more online learning platforms. But for lots of teachers like me, we need tools to make the online tutorials simple-to-understand by our students. So today, I wanna share the most frequently-used tool I use to record the lessons for my students.

Personal Review on RecordAnyVid

RecordAnyVid has been the most helpful screen recorder I often use to make my tutorials and post to online learning platforms or video streaming platforms like YouTube to let more people watch. Personally, I pretty like its Webcam recorder, which I can add myself to the tutorials so my students can see me. In this way, the lessons can be more interactive, because it seems that I, the teacher, is on the side of the student.

Another benefit that RecordAnyVid brings me should be the Mouse Effect feature plus the drawing panel. With these two functions, I can make emphasis points on my teaching materials so that my students can understand them better.


Therefore, from my perspective, RecordAnyVid has been helpful enough for creating the teaching tutorials on my own. It cost no effort because it is just such an easy-to-use program.

Recent Updates of RecordAnyVid

I’m also happy to see that the technical team is always striking to improve the program. Recently, the new RecordAnyVid V 1.0.16 is launched again with two problems fixed:

* Resolved the launch failure issue happened on Windows 10;

* Fixed feedback function.

>> Download the Latest RecordAnyVid on Windows/Mac <<

Official Overview of RecordAnyVid

Here is a brief introduction to the official features stated by RecordAnyVid’s official developer. As a popular screen recorder, certainly it has many practical features that make itself outstanding. Grasp a look and see if RecordAnyVid can bring you helps.


  • Support a variety of mainstream encoders to preserve the recordings, including MP4, WMV, MOV, F4V, AVI, TS, GIF, MP3, WMA, AAC, M4A;
  • Avail helpful editing tools to customize the recordings freely, for example, the Mouse effect, drawing panel, clipping/trimming tools, etc.;
  • Ensure the output quality of the recordings can be highly the same as the original screens;
  • Highly compatible with both Mac and Windows systems;
  • Hotkeys setting allows people to use the recording feature more conveniently;
  • Any screen activities can be recorded, from online meetings, memos, to gaming videos.

For more information, you can turn to RecordAnyVid webpage, or contact the technical team for help. See here: https://www.vidpaw.com/recordanyvid/. I hope this can bring you help!

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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